Two Souls Perched

Mon, 07/29/2013 - 13:02 -- KyleK

As fuchsias dance with pinks in the dimming heavens

Waves whisper sweet nothings without reply.

Giant pearl aloft and luminous compose tender tune

Two souls perched together catch such manifestation

As blinding light wax into brilliant glow.

Hands mingle while eyes search for the heart’s next whim

Words articulate and roll off spontaneous tongues.

Love so true albeit rare and fleeting

Will this fateful rendezvous be remembered till old?

Or was this encounter doomed since conception.

Some hearts grow fonder but most grow indifferent


Will you be the one I’ve sought

Or are you just another cobblestone to tread

My heart grows sullen as the phoenix returns

For this night was ours but reality claims the morn.

Will you still see me the same in different light?

Destiny spoke, half of my heart now yours.

O sweet girl give me your weaknesses

I’ll bear them without lament as you now bear mine.

As flowers reach for what gives them life I’ll reach for you.

Two soul’s time together now spent

Hard to live without or easy to forget.


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