I always wondered
which hurt more:

To forget or to be forgotten

I used to think
that being forgotten 
hurt more than
to forget

It never did make any sense to me.
Why would the person who forgot
be the one in pain?
After all, they won't be able
to remember.

I finally realized.
To forget can be painful too.

The memories that disappear
carve a never ending abyss of 

To forget, means 
to lose one part of yourself.
Every memory,
no matter how small,
are a part of you.

With each missing piece,
you lose yourself,
and then, it makes you think
Who am I?

Not namewise,
but as a person,
Who am I?

But as the memories continue
to slip through my hands like water,
pieces of me scatter like sand,
leaving nothing but a hollow doll.






Your portrayl of forgetting memories and never knowing such thoughts was pursued so figuratively, creatively, yet also realistically in correlation to how people feel about this in their lives. I can relate to how attempting to forget memories makes me feel like I am "empty" and a "hollow doll". More or less everyone, never forget the memories even if you must let a relationship go.


Thank you. It was hard expressing feeling into words, so I'm glad you were able to understand what the poem was about. Though, I didn't mean to make it related to letting go of relationships.

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