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I'm Rapunzel and I've just cut my hair off. It meant freedom at the beginning, But now I can see I'm still trapped. How am I supposed to get down now? Hayley Williams said "burry the castle",
A fair face as white as snow coldA pair of lips as red as blood boldA dark hair as black as coalA pretty girl who had a kind soul
High up the sky, there lived a fairy White beautiful wings which were furry Spends her time by looking lowers Green plants with crystal showers Once she decided to go there And to enjoy all the fears
High up the sky, there lived a fairy White beautiful wings which were furry Spends her time by looking lowers Green plants with crystal showers Once she decided to go there And to enjoy all the fears
It all began when I started to like boys. But little did I know, those were all decoys. They told me sweet nothings as if I was one of their toys. 
I am stuck in the age that you love to mock, but it wasn't my fault I couldn't stop the clock. Two thick braids have unraveled into soft curls, grinning crooked teeth turned to bright whitened pearls.  
There is no denying it, she was first I imagine her next to you, your arm wrapped around her As it had once been wrapped around me Sometimes I wish I were a less kind soul
The princess up high in her tower, the monsters are sure to make her cower. Sitting in her room brushing her hair, tearing at her face her skin no longer fair.
Picture this: the two of us, in bed white sheets, black holes No, blown pupils we can't stop staring
I love you in the morning, with soft sunlight peeking through the curtains casting over your sleepy face; eyes dazed, smile slanted,
The fool who wore the king's crown   By A.R.T   There once was fool in the court, However the king's expectations fell short.
      (1) One Thousand and One Nights   "Tell us a story." The voices whisper. It's getting dark out. There are far too many shadows. The room echoes of silence.  
Once upon a starry night Still is dark but seems so bright   The way the world just disappears Into your eyes into your fears  
Once upon a time, queerness was considered a crime Rainbows and queer knowledge was forbidden However, no one saw what was coming at the time A queer teen did not expect what was about to be given  
Six thousand five hundred and seventy days. In this tower, Pacing the floors, Memorizing the walls, Alone, For six thousand five hundred and seventy days.   Gothel is fond of books.
In the fable of Hansel and Gretel, the family has become quite poor* For a scarcity had hit and  the father had not much to get So the mother thought “Getting rid of the children is a better score”
It was quite late at night. A fire lit up the house. My sister, called Snow White, Embroidered Mama’s blouse.   The stitches were of blooms: Some white, the others red. I sat, using the loom,
Once upon a time...There lived a beautiful blonde babyWith skin kissed by the sun Her black is more beautiful than goldAs the story
I have seen the little child . . . the little girl. I have seen her from up close and from afar. I would think to myself I love her. I would think to myself I hate her.
Locked in my tower  Laying in my bed at night  Laughing no longer   "Mother! Where art tho?"  "Mother? Do you hate me so?" "Mother! I need you."   Placed in solitary 
Two little cubs roaming through the plains, Run run the two went along. So young, and careless. They roamed until they arrived at an elephant cemetery.
Once upon a time He was Beauty While she was Beastly His heart was pure darkness While her heart was pure gold Behind it all remained a story untold Men would stop to ask
Once upon a time, a young lady ran away from the ball. Due to stereotype, Cinderella immediately comes to your mind. The difference is Cinderella's prince searched for her, the young lady's prince did not.
Deriving from a single articulation  Are the eyes that close slightly In the supposition that there is a cation  Sprouts the intuition of the anion The appellation is such that the sky hazes over 
What if Humpty Dumpty never had the great fall? with a story ever happen at all?  Let's see if it did, would it even be the same?  Would it still be good or would it be lame?
Little Red A Peculiar girl The Wolf A Monstrous Me The Woods No place for little girls   I was there when she first wandered in The time she met me The Big Bad
The imagined come just as the average, the souls escape from the lives of the lavish, cinderella files her taxes, Snow White's candles melt of waxes, the bustling dwarves travel to work,
Once upon a time a furous giant terriozed a far away village. The giant would kidnap the children of the village usually the rudest girl there. He would also take half of the villages harvest and lifestock.
Once upon a time A story reborn again and again Stood a girl whose heart was empty And eyes full of unshed tears Her arms open to the darkness
Once Upon a Poem: a backlit town the story place a girl with shame upon her face   lost from her journey off sunlight roads the daughter hid to bear her load
Though homey and quiant, the house in the tree Peter burst out laughing, maniacally  The lost boys asked him of problems that be His only response was "Sit around the fire, and see."  
Hello children, My name is Peter, Peter Pan And I am here to introduce you to the magical world known as Neverland Where children step foot into paradise
We hold the tale of fairies To be quite the bedtime stories. But have we ever heard of how they came to be? What if we only had a tiny taste of the true cup of tea?  
"Help! Wolf!" The young shepherd cried His body was shaking and his eyes were wide. The townspeople came, swift and alert  "Wolf? Where?! Are you hurt?!"   
Kiss a dead girl?  Kiss her ruddy lips, her stark face. They called her Snow White, a pretty name for a corpse. Snow White, evoking glistens of fresh crystal, the name portrayed the cold dead of winter. The cold, dead of winter.
Cinderella... So beautiful and down to earth An amazing young lady, unaware of her worth Constantly mocked, always rejected One of the millions feeling neglected A simple night out, but nothing was ever the same
Little girl, little girl with eyes so blue Where do you go with empty baskets beside you? “Worry not, as you see, I am on a mission.
Once, I walked -A studly lass, I, of grass and chalk.Picnic baskets, summer breeze,The air of new kin call out to meBut alas, t'was I who hadn't answered.
Once upon a time There was no prince. Once upon a time There was no castle. Once upon a time There was no happily ever after.
How rough the waves doth crash  How deafening the raging waters No one can tame these beasts Like great blue demons   Under the water lies a girl Unhappy with her form
Let me tell ya about a time I thought it was in love Thought I was in a fairytale Made me feel like a princess Yea he also called me his queenAnd he bought be things like rings that bling and food never failed to make sure I was good But behind th
they say she stayed in her tower for those cold years out of obedience adherence and requirement but perhaps it was fear the small window a reminder of a small role
Strange that the woman doesn’t seem to mind. She’s surely Celtic -- or was, years ago. (Her skin’s too pink for the Mediterranean. Besides the half-regretted magic on her brow betrays her Briton-born.)
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. Probably the most beautiful you've seen. 
Snow White cannot fight Her soul’s become cold Like White Snow. She must go. Sharp memories like icicles Dangerously dangling
They really tried to get me to go to the ball "Without you, Cinderella, it won't be fun at all!" "Ha! With my left feet? I'm not interested in that." Then my godmother got interested and next to me she sat.
The Three Bears arrived at their home To find the door open, Swinging side to side in the breeze. They worried that the intruder Might be inside; Papa walked in cautiously
Once upon a - Ugh! You know how that goes: "A princess finds her true love," In one day...gross. No one ever stops to ponder The "antagonist" if you will. Our stories are stronger
Im not here to lie, so lets have some fun If I had a fairytale it would involve only one No, not jesus, moses, or even his son It'd be a man, yes But with brown eyes not blue
         Once upon a time an unwealthy shopkeeper lived in a large city with his second wife and his two chldren. They lived in a small one bedroom shack with very little to eat or drink.
I am the prince oh how great am I So great I can bestow a kiss to any princess I find My men did come and to the forest we rode Upon being out there a beauty I did see picking berries and practically calling to me
Sinderella, you're as horrific as you name. Sinderella, you're the only one to blame. Just one night and yet, it was enough time Your once pretty face, slashed at the scene of a crime.
Once Upon a Time...Well, you all think you know how it goes.But come take a seat, while I tell you the tale no one really knows.
There once was a tortoise. There once was a hare. They decided to have a race, although seemingly unfair. It was almost impossible for the hare to lose, even the tortoise was aware.
My grandmother had always warned me, "never to talk to strangers." "The night is full of dangers... That is unless you belong to the dark itself. " Here I am by my loneself.
In darkness of night sleep steals you away, And still is your heart, in your fatigue, It’s all in your head but to your dismay, You enter a world full of intrigue.
Cinderella for a day as a quincanera queen, she put on her dress and walked through spring, oh what a dream.    Modeling with her court who where her gaurds for the night, they gave her the floor
Jack was told to sell the cow and get some food to eat. Jack was tricked and bought three magic beans, no food was to be seen. He went back home and got kicked out for wasting their last chance.
Seven little dwarves carrying bricks; One strained too much and then there were six.   Six little dwarves went for a dive; One went too deep and then there were five.  
Who are you, if you are not your name? If you make a mistake, then who is to blame? Though others may describe you,  Your personal thoughts can ring true; But you still don't pertain The power of a name. 
The Beast was mean, but then he turned kind. I came clean, I wanted him to be mine. Happily ever after, you say? Maybe so. But each and every day, I wonder if I should have said no.
The prince could not have known, As the rhythmic motions of a horse long since exhausted Came to still, Just what waited in the tower. His quest to save the cursed girl,
What if Aurora didn't want to be in love,what if she fell "asleep" to avoid,the pain of the pressure from her surperiors above
Once upon a time long ago It is said a girl with skin white as snow Ran far into the woods And stumbled across a cabin, alone in stood.
The story of Peter Pan   Was told by all in the land   The little boys and girls dreamed of this boy   And an island filled with fun and toys   But little did they know   
Fairytales. They don't come in true colors. Some come in blue. Some come in romantic red, But some come, In Backless Black.   In the depths of darkness,
Once upon a time, there was a teenaged girl on a vacation with her sister, mother, and father. After running out of data and battery, Alice's iPhone needed a charger.
 Writing, the power that masters the beast That turns into something easy to caress Into a bliss of doubt Of fondness, just like love.
She waits, silently in the lifeless yard. The sky that night, dark and starred. She lays there, waiting, its getting late. When he comes, they'll leave this fate.   
You've heard a few stories, or must've heard one Of princess,  of prince, Of aloft humpty dum? Or jack who took Jilly too far down the hill, And lo They remain
They’ll scream and say I robbed them But don’t speak of how they robbed me Though I suppose it’s hard to recognize Your slave once he’s been freed.  
As cliche` as it sounds, this fairytale begins like all the rest, but this once upon a time, is at its very best.   Born in a kingdom were two twin girls, both bore beauty that the world never knew before,
He must marry for the kingdom, caged by commitment By order of the king, the fairest maidens were summoned,  A royal ball was called, Tonight he must choose.
#1 Castle by the sea, Lush grass so green, Two Queens soon to be, One Princess so closed and mean, The other is beyond explanation kind, One has not been seen,
I sat alone Waiting Typical fairytale I, the lonely damsel In a tower Awaiting a rescuer I sing and read and paint to pass the time Until my hero gets here One day he found me in my tower
Rumpelstiltskin didn't just have one, Rumpelstiltskin also had a son. His sister's job was getting old, Turning straw into gold. So to make a change, He increased his range, Spinning copper wire,
Once upon a time When knights in armor shined There waited a young princess Who had many hobbies and interests Yet at the very thought of marriage, she felt herself grow distant  
Be Prepared for the Evil Lion King The Return of Scar     They thought that I was dead....
Once upon a time, I was a princess I was a beauty who lived in a castle; I sang with the birds, spoke gracious words, But all the while found my stigma a hassle   There was a prince I was supposed to love,
No chance, no way I won't say I'm in love   But not because I don't want to Rather How would I know?   A damsel in distress? Can't relate Fending for myself
Oh, Repella The mayors daughter Uknown Unseen It was only a dream She would find a friend A lover A companion All day Repella would disinfect, dust, and deterge
It all starts with a young girl, longing for a life beyond the sea, and, in some accounts, she gets her wish; in others, she longs for what could be.   We all know the famous Disney movie:
Rapunzel, Rapunzel – Don’t let down your hair
Once upon a time, A beautiful princess Dressed in a bright blue ball gown Had finally escaped from her evil stepmother. It all seemed so typical Until one day
The rain flew straight past us As he grabbed onto my hair Slowly Slowly inching his way up the tower The witch taught me things
I'm sitting here. Waiting Waiting Waiting Where is he? Waiting  Waiting Waiting I'll just brush my hair. Waiting Waiting
Once upon a time A mermaid was curious About life on land   Ariel could talk But her life would be shortened With each word she spoke   She loved a human
There once was a princess that did everything right. She didn't lie,  she didn't swear, and said her prayers every night.    She kept up with her studies and aced every test. 
Once upon a time -no,
It was the Westside of the City of Wind.  The year 1998. The time when the sun still hid shyly behind the moon's dark embrace.  A fire station. Dawn.  A mother of two, soon to become a mother of none. 
Once upon a time in a kingdom far away A young princess often went outside to play. She found comfort in the garden by the pond, With her skin fair and her curling hair blond
Once upon a time, I married the sweetest of girls. She always wore the prettiest of pearls. Then we had two children I grew very fond of, But my wife felt she lost some of my love.
Love letters, glass slippers, and the yearning for true love are no more, instead replaced by Snapchat streaks, Instagram likes, and “gmorning” texts, 
The shoe didn’t fit.   The disappointed woman trudged away, sulking, and disappearing into the circle of curious townsfolk
she was looking for in spare parts or corners not change; but something to put in her pocket that would grow warm over night pressed against her skin something very little
There once was a little mermaid With bright crimson hair and tail, green as ocean  Little do you know, her story was facade I know, Disney gives you false notion    See, her story really goes like this
Once upon a time a girl stood in the cold streets selling her matches.   She was all alone in the cold winter sidewalk as adults passed by
Once Upon a Time…   It all started with that boy Peter, And the chase to catch a duck to eat her Before I could be on my way To eat another duck another day, He caught my tail with a rope
Once a upon a time....but with a twist  A story so close to heart, you won't be able to resist It'll be a modern day telling of what we know best So let's begin with Goldilocks, who was hashtag blessed 
You know how it goes. Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel... They all get the guy. Happy ending, screen fades to black, birds chirping. Happy, happy. Except that isn't reality. Reality is pain.
Back in 1862, there once was kingdom. This sounds like a typical fairytale, so for introductions, you don't need one. Sat on a throne was very old king. And on his side, was his beautiful wife and the queen.
Once upon a time there was a girl named Rapunzel. Her hair was her first love. She got everyone's attention with the dramatic length of her hair. Everyone stared at her, even the bush dove.
The sobbing mother cringes as her baby cries. She wishes they had warned her just how loud a deaf child’s screams could be.
Once upon a time, a rose-colored girl fell in love with her dreams. Her mind never sat idly by It roamed to vast valleys,
Once there was a boy named Jack, Whose family was in a state of lack, To correct their financial down, Jack was sent to town,  There he would make good of his vow, And trade riches for his family' cow,
Born with blood royal And blessed with fairy wishes, A young girl was to grow into a lovely woman But was tainted with one’s cursed kisses.   No matter the spoils or words of roses
  once upon a time with a happy endingbut Disney is misleading with this nonsenseall these little lost princesses waiting for a prince  So here's a new one for youa strong female heroine busting out on the scene no need for some dopey princebecaus
  once upon a time with a happy endingbut Disney is misleading with this nonsenseall these little lost princesses waiting for a prince So here's a new one for youa strong female heroine busting out on the scene no need for some dopey princebecause
Once Upon a Night You know how they all start Once Upon a Time You expect a princess A prince A happy ending— This is different.   Once Upon a Night The forest shivered and moaned
Once upon a time there was a young man He lived with his wife, daughter, and son He never cared about family or love He only listened to his children's screams As his wife once again hit them with force
Black hood, Black hood Silk formed around her head Drape around her, covering her body, exposing her facial feature Showing no mercy
Once upon a time, in Arendelle There was princess Anna and in love she fell Her sister, Queen Elsa, so strong and so bold Could manipulate weather, and make everything cold
"Grounded, you can't go out!" I heard, he didn't have to shout. "You can't go to the prom!" I think, he should take that up with mom.   Dad slammed the door shut, off to work
Down the rabbit hole you say? No, no, no darling you are mistaken. Down a corridor and through a doorway, That is where you were taken.  
Your voice is one of the most powerful instruments you are born with, It has both ended wars and started them all with a flick of a tongue. It conveys our emotions and sings our songs.
Once upon a time, the beginning 'O' was never embroidered with gold, life was void of materialistic tangents; our modern albatrosses   But sufficied with compassion,
I used to be shiny, yummy, and red Baked into pies both warm and delicious; But now here I sit with flies, rotting instead And suddenly now I'm nothing but vicious, The princess I meant no harm to one bit;
Little Red Riding Hood walked through the thickened wood, traveling to her grandma's house not really thinking about a spouse, low and behold she caught someone's eye, but it really wasn't her perfect guy,
It was a cloak, Not a hood, And my sweets were More than “good.”   And traversing the forest All on my own?
  The surface, as I reach it, quivers and shakes  as the shining sun pours down onto my face.  My sisters before  warned me of the heat,  of the glare; yet I swim to the top, 
  The surface, as I reach it, quivers and shakes  as the shining sun pours down onto my face.  My sisters before  warned me of the heat,  of the glare; yet I swim to the top, 
Once upon a time  not too long ago  I came in contact with a magic mirror  and we exchanged "hellos"  "Mirror mirror on the wall why don't I like what I see in my reflection at all"  The mirror became a bit sad  And took awhile to respond  But soo
Afraid to close my eyes. Afraid to journey into the dark abyss. The fear of being trapped surrounds me. Suffocates me. Constrains me.   The creatures of the night
Why must my own reflection Show so much hate and defection? Mirror Mirror of the wall,  What makes makes Snow White The fairest of them all?
Hair as red as apples snags on branches A basket swings by her side filled with nothing but secrets too naive, too young  Her hand is on the door now too many lies She's pulling back the sheets with a smile
I am past the unbridled nature of humankind, That which rises from the soft ground below me, Men drawing straws from the thicket like pencils, In hopes of writing the next chapter in my story.
Once upon a time there was a girl Who fell in love with a hero He swept her away to another world 
Once upon a time there was a princess Or was it perhaps was it a prince? Give me a second I shall look into my index, Ah yes, here it is, it was nothing but a man.  
Curly Locks was chillin' playing basketball. Thinkin' 'bout how he could dunk if he were seven feet tall. Strolled back down the street 'cause he was hungry now. Could've eaten a chicken, turkey and a cow.
“You see I haven’t a clue. For a rabbit, that’s nothing new. It’s plainly clear In here, my dear, We’re crazy, but how do you do?  
On long car ridesShe chooses the music playedCarefully setting the moodUsing songs to portray emotionShe turns melodies i
Once upon a time, lived a boy who could not die eventually. yes, but Peter was lonely at best until one day he saw a band of brothers  who looked so happy, together, forever so he decided to take it for himself.
Pan’s Growing Pains   Second star to the right, With Peter Pan, Wendy, and her brothers taking flight. The Lost Boys wonder, “Peter, don’t replace us.”
I wish I were stronger— Strong enough to kill, To wield this blade against him And cut a smile into his throat.   Feet that dance on knives for my sweet voice—
Mirrors, Show you who you wanna be and who you pretend to be But most of all They show you who you really are And sometimes that's not always welcome Mirrors,
Rotting, Wilted, Spoiled All disguised by the most innocent, The most pure of cravings Sweet lies and cake
Who ever said Once upon a time had to come ahead of the story? It's a pastime.   Maybe Rapunzel never wanted to be saved. She was just a girl. She was never enslaved.
A tale as old as time Belle's living her dream A mother of three, two boys and one girl, The beauty's beast nowhere to be seen. Times were tough, but she was tougher, A rose among the cracks, she strives,
Once upon a time, there lived a duckling in a pond. The duckling was by far the least attractive animal in the neighborhood and beyond. The pond was in the best gated community in all the land.
Cold consumed me Like fire   I tried to recall my name As I shivered   This new world was iridescent Too bright  
I don't know how they found me. I'm not sure I want to be found. My mother taught me to stay away From people from inside the town.   A girl my age I've never seen And a man she clearly loves
The beauty holds the rose in beauty. Lush petals bloom and glimmer in her fleshly palms, and the dew drips, drips, drips to the stone floor
Remember the old lady, who lived in a shoe Well there's a twist to this story no one ever knew She was once very rich,so sweet, so kind Her and her husband together  He told her "I'm so happy I made you mine!"
Okay Crew! This is take-two.  Snow white, please, rehearse your lines and wait until the sign this time.  Unfortunately, there is no lunch break. Sorry princess, you will have to wait.
Once upon a time A mother tucked her little boy into bed. She sang him a lullaby, she kissed his head, She opened the window and slipped out the door Closing it quietly behind her.   Once upon a time
Once upon a time, in a far off land, A young Prince lived in a beautiful castle. Although he had everything he ever wanted, The Prince was selfish, and had no love in his heart. And as punishment for this,
In this particular fairytale, There is no poisoned apple or bread trail. Instead, there is a girl and a glass slipper. No Grimm details, no sign of Jack the Ripper.   Our story begins with Cinderella,
They called me a monster, They called me a witch.  They called me a hypocrite,  A bully, a snitch.    They called her beautiful,  A sight to be seen.  More beautiful than any,
Belle I live to protect my father The villagers believe he's not well Explain that he's a man of pure genius, They'll just put both of us through Hell   I am perceived as "the beauty"
In the dream, I pulled the pink sash off her dress completely, until the only pink I saw was the pink soft crater on her breasts and to have her look at me with such intensity again
"Knight in Shining Armour" what's that supposed to mean? My Knight in Shining Armour, wears T-shirts and denim jeans.  He might not fight off dragons, or have a pet reindeer
There he sat, gazing out the window at the ocean which extended far beyond what his eyes could see.
Once upon a time… There was a mother duck Who laid some eggs But was out of luck For when one egg hatched It was a shock
Once Upon a Time In a land, not so far away A young wolf, was held, being blamed for a crime But no one, had known he was a prince, transformed by the fay His task was to search for the girl who borne red
Once upon an Ending the Earth fell on my shoulders as if I was Atlas carrying the whole world The sky shattered like glass on to my skin making scars deeper than they have been  
Behold! The gentle touch of dying breath is now upon the gods! That said, their many heads ensure at least one still lives on prolong'd. With recourse yet no further will they stay, but they, against the odds,
My childhood's full of stories-- Happy endings and of kings: Of fairy-tales where love prevails And princes give me wings...   I knew that prince was coming, But I couldn't stand the wait;
We all are different from one another CREATing things such as one another Inevitable animal-like traits in which others would have to Just WAIT To see. You see?  This creature never saw the beauty 
Stepping out onto the red carpeted glass steps of the staircase, Sparkling yellow heels clink with each step Shimmering, glistening, golden ball gown flowing behind her
Once upon a time A young girl so benign Confronted by the curse Touched, pricked, and tumbled Fallen by the spindle.      Oh the unlucky one Rembered for her collapse
It was the beginning of the weather, The sun shone through the leaves, A fair maiden sat upon her bench,  With a stare of many greaves.   By the end of summer, Her father wanted her wed,
In all of Aphrodite's reign, nothing more could bring her fury, a mortal child on Earth that goes by the name of Psyche, who has been rumored to be the second coming of the goddess herself, or even the child of. Her wrath leaves none to be safe, a
Once upon a time… there was a lean, keen machine who identified as Dr. Facilier.  At the age of 5, Dr. Facilier was abandoned and left in a dark, gloomy forest on the outskirts of Louisiana.
Dear old father,
This is something most alarming, All the guards are scurrying, swarming, Carting 'round the great Prince Charming, Knocking every village door!   If you ignore 'em they come charging
We know the story of Red Riding Hood And that lecherous wolf she met in the wood But what if the wolf hadn't wanted a snack? Would Red have been able to find her way back?  
What is light more than a torch in the night, An invisible line between day and night, The apearance that we know wat's right, But even fairytale queens have their fight.   The Evil Queen may have been wrong,
Raven black hair, long and beautiful A rosy flush of dimpled cheeks, When will my refletion show who I am inside?   Grab the scissors, cut the hair,  Ride off into the night,
I wrote this poem to explain how I think the tale of Hansel and Gretel should have ended.   The Grimm Brothers and their fairytales
The queen did love red, and so red she wore. There was red in her kitchen, her bathroom, the floor.   She prized her red glasses she always kept close, for they made what she saw
She is the girl, hiding her bruises, Gretel's her name;   He is the boy, pretending to be strong, Hansel's his name;   In a small box they lived together
Once upon a time...there were three bears. Yeah, I bet you think you know where I'm headed with this story. I can assure you, it's not what you think.
The times her curly hair flew as she walked Those brown eyes, wondering, waiting For someone to catch her From falling into an abyss of agony. This girl didn't want to grow up and face reality
I woke and fell in your arms Has your lips touched mine Never knowing much more Trying to keep us from falling apart 
Tink.He calls me.Tink.He calls me.Love.He never calls me.Wendy.He calls her.   That is why I wear Green.  
Once upon a time In the land of Arendelle The Queen committed a crime That sent the whole kingdom to Hell   She had a child
  When wood creaks And smells of incense,  Your eye widens and leaks... Your heart stops and listens.   The dark is horizontal; Too compressed to allow a flame Ignite.
Once opun a time... Oh how cliche does that sound? To a hero I must always be bound I must always be the damsel in distress For no one else can wear such a beautiful dress I am a beauty for that I am sure
I lived concealed between the shades of the evergreen,Where a green, so dark, did envelop me.Under the forest’s dark and mangled cloak,Paper skin, ruby red lips, glistening emerald eyes andStrands of gold
Eines Tages wohnte eine schöne Prinzessin in einem großen Burg im Bergen. Sie war der schönste des Welts, aber sie hatte Probleme. Sie schrie um alle ihre Arbeiter und Arbeiterinnen. Sie hatte nur Umfug im Kopf, und war unglaublich böse.
Once, there was a girl, 
What do you do When you believed in something for so long And it crashed and burned But days bring it back to you In different form? How can you embrace again  What you loved
When people see red, they think of love. Every story told to us. Snow White's red lips,  Prince Charming's kiss, There's so much depth that people miss. They think red roses, romance, passion.
I will join you The shackles on my wrists Are made of gold And my eyes are glass As you drag a razor across your wrists
Once upon a time… We had a fairytale princess I say “had” because this fairytale has a twist.
Our relationship was a fairytale It was perfect On the outside It may have crashed and burned in the end But maybe it is a happy ending But I don't know just how yet
When she asked me what love meant I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and cried suddenly. The memories were stinging and burning and itching and searing and lightly seasoned with salt and vinegar. 
I’ve stopped drinking from the wishing well of health Guaranteed to keep you young and make all your wishes Come true. Despite the try my will ran dry Has I came to the realization not everything is flawless
Once upon a time (She was torn down to the bone nothing left except for the voices inside her thin skull. She was vulnerable or easy as some may call it. He took her heart
Once Upon A Time... I'm no princess but I've got beautiful eyes  
Who am I supposed to be? My friends tell me be cool, be strong, be the life of the party. Do it no matter what even if you act like a fool. Be down for anything and don't trip
I walk through the halls looking at people, poeple look at me. I don't care what they think as they pass in silence. This is me. I smile and wave at strangers, as if they're life time friends.
Pulgarcita: Thumbelina. Living in the grass. Inquires of the day to day, yet no one seems to ask about the way she seemed to hurl herself into the world.   Pulgarcita: Thumbelina
From the fairy tales of old
Trapped way up in a tower Waiting for Prince Charming The number of fakes and pervs  Is really quite alarming As the dragon slays them all down You watch from your towers' glass
it doesn't matter too soon I will be what I'm meant to be
You use to be my Luke Sky-Walker, and now you are my Hans Solo. (Star Wars) You were tired of monkeying around. (Jungle Book)
Cinderelly, Cinderelly, what a beautiful girl
“Pretty as a princess” That’s what they all say Tuck you into bed with story time.   “Wish upon a star” It was just a childhood dream As you stare out the window at night  
They had a story. More like a twisted fairytale.  
Throughout all my life I questioned myselfWill I ever be perfect?Will I ever be noticed?Who would want someone like me?One day it all changedI found someone who I cared about deeply
Let me tell the tale of a frail child,
Down the dark dungeon steps, He ran for his life. Down the tall tower stairs, Footsteps close behind.
There stood a little girl, Upon her royal parent's balcony, Watching not her parents but an earl. The earl was young and handsome unlike the others.
Sitting atop a hill of grass, I saw a castle on a mountain, With bits of brick and stone and brass, And marble courtyard fountains.   Wildflowers ran along the side of the mountain.
  Cinderella cleans away Washing, working, chores, no play Will the prince come save her day? He would rather eat fillet.   Sleeping Beauty slumbers deep By her side the faeries weep
A trumpet heralds a quest; lovely Sleeping Dream, patient for us all Waits in dusty ivory  To hear sirens call   On paper, proclaiming marvels Announcing new worlds to traverse
Born a lunatic to disillusioned, semi-sweet folktale farmers,
How many frogs do I have to kiss  to get a prince who will give me bliss. How many lamps do I have to rub to give me someone I can truly love.
I know that we've barely met, but I've got feeling I don't regret. I never really believed in love at first sight, but now I'm glad I can call you mine
  There is nothing more lovely than a fairytale. A new world, a new life, all at the turn of a page. In a world so twisted and dark, Tales of giants in the sky and true love’s kiss
  If I were to be a ghost, she said, I would fly and fly and fly and fly. To the the land of dreams, where the final flower still stands.
Don't leave. Just don't. Stay close to me. Be patient and gentle, then you'll see. Get to know me. I have layers upon layers of thought spent on who I am. There's contradictions.
Do you see my unicorn?She is pure white, her mane shining in the moonlight.Her fur is soft, like a chick's downy fluff.Within her sweet eyes, is where something lies.
Fairytales, such corruption- the story told by devil.   Starting from “Once upon a time...” two beautiful people destined to be together...
Once upon a time there was boy and a girl Both who came from opposite sides of the world   The girl had her eye on someone who looked right through her 
Have you ever seen eyes that speak sermons.Respirations that birth holy spirits.With those kind of eyelids that are like curtains,Blocking out sunlight that flowers cherish.
Once with her hair down She sat and waited in her chambers She listened for his tell tale footsteps The sound of his horse And she let him in through the window
Gold and red-checkered lips. Pink and purple plumage in pin-curled hair. Corsets colliding with chosen partners. Flickers of light from silver sequins scattering the ballroom.
Think about it a little more she says while I listen. We've only meant as much as we thought we would. I never promised I could.   I said I'd try. I look at her with eyes that only she could look into.
Fairytales I never used to believe in fairytales I’m not like Cinderella when the clock strikes 12. Won’t prick my finger and fall asleep Or become a prisoner and love a beast. But I met you
You say I was your Cinderella. The problem, though, is that Prince Charming doesn’t lie and Cinderella isn’t supposed to be a troubled soul. I think, if I have to be a princess, I’d rather be Fiona,
There is a castle which sits on a hill, The bricks an ominous color which fill The inside with gloom. Inside a one window room, One girl with one brush, Uses her one last nerve not to jump.
Two evil sisters Cinderella, a poor maid Her sisters prepare Magnificent scene The royal ball of the king The Music like gold
Inevitable. My fate is inevitable. That last sweet goodbye will cling to my mind like moss to a tree for the rest of my life. Sometimes that moss is so beautiful. The tree's greatest quality.
It is hunting season and I must be the deer My huntsmen finds me and shoots without fear It hits but does not hurt and I do not die The reason of this I’m not sure why I fall from shock but it’s a soft landing
A dream? Is that what this is to you? Because I thought it was a fairytale. The only difference is That there isn’t gonna be A happy ending That leaves butterflies In your daughter’s stomach
pulling out my hair drowning in despair Cinderella made me believe in happily ever after and driving into the sunset chased by laughter even though her prince left her because of the baby weight
Trying so hard to climb the walls that have been built , Only to fall down before ever even have tried. Just looking for a chink in the armor, But it is greeted with a smooth and flawless canvas
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