Dear Lost Boys

Hello children,

My name is Peter, Peter Pan

And I am here to introduce you to the magical world known as Neverland

Where children step foot into paradise

And never grow up.

See, boys hear me out!

You’ll never have any responsibilities

There are no bedtime curfews in our land

We will go on new adventures, both day and night

Where dreams run wild and nothing can hold you down

I’ll show you the secret wonders of this hidden land

Walk you through Cannibal Cove to befriend the parrots, monkeys, and bears

Open the doors to Black Castle, where you can learn to fly dragons and train gargoyles

Devour the sweets at Pixy Hollows, the fairies cook just for you

You’ll make friends with fairies, elves, mermaids and more

But we have one rule here in Neverland

Once you grow up, you can never come back. Never!

Hush boys, quiet down

Let me whisper a quiet secret

Many of the kids start swimming out to the real world

Some kids grow noses when they try to hide secrets

Our boys grow bigger and taller

Neverland can get overpopulated

Being a lost boy is exclusive

Sometimes we must make ends meet

Grab me the blade, we’ll thin out the boys who are too tall out to fit into the holes of the tree.

It might sound dangerous, but trust me

I am only doing what I can to help them

Maybe my tactic isn’t the best way

But I am only a child! I can’t learn from my mistakes

And it's not fair!

Nothing good comes from becoming an adult

You'll gain endless responsibilities and will never have time for fun

The amazing friends you make here will disappear

And your days will be filled with the dread of taxes, parenting, and work

Trust me I’ve seen a glimpse

Only through my protection will you be happy

So take my hand my lovely child

Lets jump out of your room

Don't worry about your parents

Don't worry about falling

With me, you’ll only fly

And as you sing and dance around the campfire

Listen to the story of the lost boys

Press your lips onto the pipes and hum our unspoken melodies

Cozy yourself into the bed

Smile and dream big in your sleep

Because once you step into foot onto Neverland

There is no going back.

Welcome home, Boys.


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