To Croak, or Not To Croak?

Sun, 08/13/2017 - 22:40 -- Revl

Once upon a time in a kingdom far away

A young princess often went outside to play.

She found comfort in the garden by the pond,

With her skin fair and her curling hair blond

And one day while playing there, she saw a frog

A big ugly green thing, sitting on a log.

It demanded she kiss it, just one tiny peck,

The thought of that scared her, she felt a lump in her neck.

“I’m a prince!” he declared, a plea to convince her,

“On my back or my nose, anywhere you prefer!”

The princess took a deep breath and swallowed her pride -

For she did want a prince to remain at her side -

She pressed her lips to his nose,

Felt his mucus and froze.

The frog changed to a prince, the spell was true!

But the princess didn’t notice, she was turning blue.

She fainted in his arms and the prince caught her quickly,

He grew concerned, the princess looked sickly.

He took her to the hospital, that’s the end of this novella

For the princess then died, she’d contracted salmonella.



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