Ariel's Despair

I wish I were stronger—

Strong enough to kill,

To wield this blade against him

And cut a smile into his throat.


Feet that dance on knives for my sweet voice—

Feet that stumble among strangers, instead of a tail to swim among sisters.

I had wished this upon myself—

Agony, all endured in the wretched name of love,

I traded my whole world to be with that prince.

All for nothing.


And so I wish I were stronger—

Strong enough to reason

Because he gave nothing,

So why should I die

Instead of him?


If only it were easier to hate,

To cleanse my heart of this

Ill-fated, Illogical love,

And take my place in the deep blue again

With those who truly love me.


And yet,

It isn’t

Because I am weak,

And the weak? They die.


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