The Road Less Traveled

Little Red Riding Hood

walked through the thickened wood,

traveling to her grandma's house

not really thinking about a spouse,

low and behold she caught someone's eye,

but it really wasn't her perfect guy,

he seemed to have big hands, a deep voice and even bigger mouth,

and little red riding hood's plans went south,

her heart started beating,

she was lost for words,

looking for a bouquet of things,

to explain her feelings,

the wolf had no intention,

especially of circumvention,

but instead of making his taste buds wet,

he broke a sweat,

what was he feeling?

he found red riding hood appealing,

not in the dinner type way,

but the take out to dinner type way,

he somehow managed to ask her out,

and now her plans really took a reroute,

she took him to her grandma's house,

and found that her grandma was wearing a different sort of blouse,

her house seemed out of sorts,

and her nose had a cluster of warts,

she had this evil laugh,

that made the wolf rethink if this red riding hood was really his other half,

grandma turned into a wood witch,

and saw the love between the two misfits,

jealousy grew,

then she got on her broom and flew,

around and around,

until the wolf hit the ground,

and turned into a pastry,

the grandwitch licked her lips,

did some flips and skips,

plopped the newly made wolf pastry in her mouth,

and wouldn't let red riding hood back to town,

she was banished to the underground,

where her gandwitch had her shoved around,

doing chores and never found.



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