No such thing as a fairytale in 2017

Let me tell ya about a time I thought it was in love Thought I was in a fairytale Made me feel like a princess Yea he also called me his queenAnd he bought be things like rings that bling and food never failed to make sure I was good But behind those words Behind those actions was a coward,a liar, and a demon beneathMuch like the other guys in this generationTalking to other bitches Man I wanted to give him stitches Yea he said he had good intentions He didn't mean to hurt me on purpose But if he didn't do it on purpose Why did he do it in the first place Man I'm every mans dream girl I mean boy have you ever seen my dms Always blowing up from the am to the pmAll saying they'll treat me the way that  you didn't Course I didn't reply I'm not even gonna lieAll I wanted was you I was so blinded by the "love"All I saw was you But you had to go and ruin what we had And yea boy I'm blaming you I never played or deceived you I was and still am perfectYou made me feel badBut then I got bad So bad you had to block me again So you don't feel like shit for messing things up with someone like me Or was it that new girl of yours? Intimated by me Worried about meKnowing how much of a good person I was to you tooI mean if I was herI'd be worried about me too That's not the point though The point is I'm over you And other guys like you Have been for a while You broke me in ways I never thought was possibleBut from the bottom of my heart Thank you for that Thank you for the lies and heartbreaks Cause honestly I wouldn't know what I do now if I didn't ever break apartYou made me realize I deserve way better than you I deserve a man, not a boy With respect,class, and manners for that Someone with real goals not a wack ass rap careerSomeone intelligent, and kind, someone who sees what I'm worth Cause honestly I'm fucking priceless I'm the best And my best is yet to come So yea ig when they say love is blind It really is fucking blind Eyes opened I got them wide fucking open And I'm really hoping And I'm really knowingKarma gonna get you In ways you'd wish you were another person You helped me find my fairytaleThe fairytale of a successful, happy lifeLove will come when it comes But for now I just wanna be successfulSo fuck you and the other guys like youWhich sadlyIs the majority of this generation. I guess you could say this is another Cinderella story only instead of losing a shoeIm losing you. Best think to ever happen to me I now can see.   

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