Rapunzel and the Berry Hair

Once upon a time there was a girl named Rapunzel. Her hair was her first love. She got everyone's attention with the dramatic length of her hair. Everyone stared at her, even the bush dove. She loved the attention she received from the people, but one day they found someone else at which to stare. Poo Rapuzel cried for days, until she had an idea she could make use of. Outside her window, a few plants had bloomed; "Oh!" she exclaimed an answer to her prayer! Grabbing the berries and mashing them together, Rapunzel mixed the juice in her hair fast enough to kick up a fuss! She dipped her hair into a bucket of water and then put up her hair. The next day she ran out into the village talking excitedly "Take a look, I'm fabulous!"  All the townspeople admired her again, her berry purple hair was unique and very rare.


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