Once Upon A Rhyme

Once upon a -

Ugh! You know how that goes:

"A princess finds her true love,"

In one day...gross.

No one ever stops to ponder

The "antagonist" if you will.

Our stories are stronger

They won't give a cheap thrill.

So what you will hear

In the truth today

Is something most clear

It is my story, yay!

My name is Ursula , my dear

That's right, you know me...

I helped that mermaid draw near

Helped her give up the sea.

But it's only her her her

There is no bother of my life

I gave her that daughter

I made her a wife!

All I ever dreamed 

Was a story like hers

Why does that make me the villian so mean?

Some people have the nerve.

I gave her the shot

To get to know Eric

In case you forgot,

She signed with no merit

How kind of me 

To let her explore the world above

She was family..I believe...

I did it out of love!

I was alone in that cave.

No one ever entered

So when she came, it was a save

I am NOT self centered!

Okay, the crashing the wedding was a bit much

But hey, it was fun!

I added a nice touch

I was able to run! 

King Triton is the worst

He always belittled me so

His daughter he'd submerse

But I let her go.

I am a cool gal

Hello, my song is a hit!

I would be the ideal pal

Honey, I am it.

So before you go say

"Ursula is so mean."

Be careful, if you may

To the sea, I'm a queen.


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