Afraid to close my eyes.

Afraid to journey into the dark abyss.

The fear of being trapped

surrounds me.

Suffocates me.

Constrains me.


The creatures of the night

Chase me through rooms of pink, blue, and green


Spindles dance in the back of my eyes.

Needles stick out

Beckoning me to come.

Just one touch

That’s all.


And it seems,

I’m drawn to it

Drawn like the pull of gravity.

I try to fight.

Try to resist.

But it’s no use.


And when I do touch it,

I’m whisked away into another world



A dragon chases me.

Breathing flames of green

It chases me until I’m backed into a corner

Nowhere for me to go

Nowhere for me to hide

I close my eyes

And give into the feeling of the hot flames licking my body.


And then.

I’m up



I won’t be going back to sleep tonight.









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