"Sleeping Beauty" - A Feminist's Perspective

What if Aurora didn't want to be in love,
what if she fell "asleep" to avoid,
the pain of the pressure from her surperiors above

What if being called a beauty was objectifying to her,
she just wanted someone to know her personality,
and the opposite, which came true had her feared

What if she didn't want to be married,
or even start a family,
but yet that was everyone's tradition, sworn to be carried

Better yet, what if not just a wife- but she didn't want to be a girl at all,
you see, these times were strict, not allowing ones wishes,
and this poor society caused so many people to fall

What if she was attracted to other females,
that's why she consumed the "cursed" apple,
because all other CURSED persuasions had failed

You do not want to judge a book by its cover,
not even a fairytale, which not always has happy endings,
because just maybe, Aurora didn't want to be with her lover.




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Our world


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