Introduction to Wonderland

“You see I haven’t a clue.

For a rabbit, that’s nothing new.

It’s plainly clear

In here, my dear,

We’re crazy, but how do you do?


Now here’s a peculiar thing

That all of our time seems to ling-

Er on quite late.

Oh late! My date!

Why doesn’t my watch ever ring?


“Oh life here is surely a dream”

But these dreams have caused some to scream.

And late I am still

But not by my will.

The time here is not how it seems.


Now I must go, but I’ll let you know,

There are places you must not go.

Avoid the cat,

The man with mad hat,

And the queen: your head? Off it goes.


My time with you is surely done,

Don’t know if I could say t'was fun.

I’m late, my dear,

I’m out of here.”


And then the rabbit was gone.



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