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Disruption reigns in its place on high, disorderly king of confusion -- with crown of blue, green and purple hues; cloaked in red satin that stains our inner selves. Bow down at the feet of -Royalty-
I am not going to wait for you to get illOr to die to send you bouquets of flowersRight now is the time to make you feelThat you're loved amid the rain showers.
Love what would we do without it God What would we do without Him Family What will we do without you Colors Mine is blue
                                        For Matt.   
The season of Autum makes me sneeze But the rewards are those of high With a gentle wind & a moderate breeze A view of my dreams race sky-high I like a day with half filled trees
I do what you do Linger and loom like colors On the horizon
I wake up to see The sun staring back at me. Beautiful colors.   (A Haiku)
Blue is one of those that colors that is really funny, It can be used to describe that feeling when you are sad and lonely, or it can be used to describe the blue sky when the day is sunny.
When someone says Fall What do you think of?   Do you think of how far you'll go? How fast it takes in order to fall And when you'll hit the ground?  
Colors take me away Sweep me up in a flourish of pigment A swarm of hues and shades Come to rest within my head The colors take me away   Consumed in a rush Under the glow of flickering neon
I get inspiration from these walls. They speak, almost talk. These magical walls are mauve.   How do you think I get inspiration from 
They believed that if they looked in the mirror, their reflection would shatter the glass Only, because society made them think that way
I just stood there Almost paralyzed by your beauty  Yet, Letting your hurtful words cut me so deep I started to bleed from my wrist My blood was as red as her matte lipstick 
Lines of green and purple When you’re so used to Seeing light But now in the dark  
My favorite color used to be yellow, the underdog of colors as one could say. It is bright, hard to wear, and difficult to match with.
Simplicity is the beginning, It is easy, Nothing to stress about But one mustn't stay there for too long  
Purple used to be my favorite color Until the blank canvas of my skin Was tainted by the purple marks That reminded me that the love I thought I had perceived Was never the love that I received  
You say the world is black and white, an equilibrium of perfect and melancholy where every shade is a variant of another, and you can’t choose more than what you’re given.
I don't pick my favorite colors. They pick me, then leave me when they want, not when I ask.
I don't pick my favorite colors. They pick me. They cling to my skin, they go under my scalp, they find those little spots under my fingernails that become tender and raw when I bite them
The sky is Grey I know it’s Grey I’ve been told it’s Grey. I can see the Grey! But I also see the other colors.   I see the red
They know next to nothing  about my brand of  what they are guessing  about, possibly, though most acknowledge  it is strength.   The internet cannot explain to me 
Roses are red. Grasses are green. Doves are white. Sunflowers are yellow. Oranges are orange. Eggplants are violet. Jeans are indigo. The world is blue.
Happy changes for ours to foray, that theirs were oceanand of black God, so could you know Ocean god was thisogod, or primal bei is hei. Thes lors, ast ou, ocean wasblack and fear, could know you in? No. But this deep could
I rise before the sun breaks Opening my eyes to a red horizon The dawn giving as it takes My sweet dreams from me   Blazing orange ignites inside Burning within my lungs
The yellow man under the drawbridge saw that I was lost so  He asked me for my phone number today For the third day in a row  But I said no because it wasn’t the fifth. 
I.   Every emotions we have has its colors Others were basically there to brighten Like happiness, always there to enlighten
Racism shouldn't have power, it should be powerless. Hatred should not be fruitful and allowed to multiply, the seeds it plants should be flowerless. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.
Why is my mind so blank? The colors that flash before my eyes, they mean almost nothing to me anymore I used to dance in the soft orange of a sunset wade in the blue waters of the distant ocean
I'm so sick of the justice system being so "just us." My people constantly locked in or locked out. Blissful ignorance chose by so many with white skin. So many could care less, and still others choose to ignore and block out...oh so careless.
Black don't crack, our spirits can't be broken. I'm not your nigger, I'm not your token. I'm never voiceless, I'm outspoken. I only bow down to God, never no man.
And here I thought these feelings for you had expired, but then the moment I saw you again..damn, so inspired. In my heart, I thought, I no longer sought, for you to have a place. Until again we were face to face. The type of face..
From the very moment I met you, the mere thought of you could inspire me. Knew one day I might find myself a slave to love, I didn't know who the buyer would be. Found myself so ready to put in that work, hoping you would hire me.
Me and my girl were recently having a conversation, that broadened perspectives and led to revelations. Trying to define relational lines, while avoiding proverbial landmines. I always tell her that to me she's like the sands of time, timeless.
There will be times when things between us might not feel so sweet. Those moments we look back on, wishing we could press delete. I might find myself tripping, when I only meant to sweep you off of your feet.
I'm not going to try to tell you you're not broken, but I'd like to be the one who kisses every wound that's open. And I know The Potter with the warmest hands who can put you back, together, better than ever, before. As so much more.
When I look around and see Death and destruction following, It's then, I wonder what's the beef? We're all the same inside.   Brown, black, yellow, and white are colors that tend to identify, 
Red is love. It is the blazing sky from the setting sun. Red is the coldest color.
Strands of technicolor hues are strewn through the void of morality. Every color ever created lays upon the pitiless ground in static strips  unorganized and overwhelming.   The wind blows. 
The night loomed over the park. The cold nipped at us. We held hands through the scattered blackness   and I wasn't even afraid of the dark. Red Blue Orange Green White Purple bulbs everywhere,
Red is fear, Flashing through your eyes as it grows near. Orange is enthusiasm, Delightfully returning the witts of sarcasm . Yellow is happiness,
The colors of the wind in the sky, listening as your life goes by to the gulls in the air to the people who care.   Purple is soothing like the waves of music.  
Red, blue, green The colours flood my mind Screeching, screaming It's too loud for me
I love the color periwinkle and I love the smell of rain. I love the touch of skin to skin, I love cats. I love fuzzy socks and onesies and I love crazy lip colors.
Who am I They always ask Who are you? Who are you? How am I supposed to know? I've spent my life as a mirror Reflecting what everyone wants to see Wants me to be
I've always loved the color red It can be so intense How one simple color can mean so many things I've fucked with red as my lingerie That was a good night I've painted my nails red
Dear Red,   I see the madness in your eyes, The insanity, the love. It’s a not matter of the chicken or the egg, But what came first?
Dolphin Gray -  The color of my favorite  Crayola Crayon  At six years old slightly blue-tinted gray catching my eye
    The little candle burns its wick,With fiery whisper drops a drip,A passion only seen from near,A slowly shrinking, darting tip.
my pencils are dull. not because they aren’t tended to, not because they’re like the overused pencils in a kindergarten class.   my pencils, they have no sharpener.
Sweet and delicate Leaving a stain on the earth As I awaken   Following it's glow  As my eyes decipher its beauty   Getting a warm and cool aura  
Red is a color with a lot to offer Red is a temper that burns like a wildfire Rage, Jealousy, Frustration But Red smells like roses, Tastes like strawberries, And feels like infatuation
My hands are coated in CHARCOAL The burn I got from baking with my best friend is RED All that I can see is the image of WHITE created from the smashing and crashing of endless BLUE.
His words are golden. He speaks with purpose, Encouraging and challenging me in one breath. He gives me the words of affirmation my being thrives on. When I burn out, his words bring light.
There isn’t just one shade of love Many shades of love aren’t one color only Love is a kaleidoscope of shades Not just one solid color or form   Red is usually associated with healthy love
WhiteSoftStuffedBlue eyes mirror my ownMy guard through the nightPuppy
Lights pulsating wildly Floor vibrating violently through feet Chiffon and tulle swirling in brilliant pinwheels of color, Green Blue Red
I look into his eyes and See a fantasy world. Filled with unique colors... Colors not yet identified.   Shy sparks of blue Hide beneath his smile. They light up the sky
The color red is love, and passion. But scarlet is razors and violent outbursts. Maroon reminds  me of my favorite sweatshirt   and the hair color of a boy I pursued in 6th grade.
Bright Sunny Clean Runny It can be blinding, or it can be mellow. The sun’s blissful, golden, daisy flower yellow.  
After you I see the color blue so differently    It's a calm ocean, a startling tide Swaying gently    I can't be here with you. Can't  be here without  
Because I love you,  I see things through a new filter. Colors are brighter, the air seems sweeter, and every touch feels like satin against my skin.   Because I love you, Love feels tangible.
I cried tears of color  I cried tears of blue  I cried tears of red; and the color ran through I cried tears of color  each a different hue I cried tears of dread  as my mind thought of you.
The music won’t stop dancing inside my head.Arrays of jade.Violet.Azure.Onyx and cream.Colors and tastes.Fresh mint.Vanilla icecream.Sharp citrus.Soft cheddar.It lifts and tilts.
I do not wear lavender  bruises of pain; blue laces my skin, reminiscent of the rain.
Red is the color of roses Blue is the color of waves Peach is the color of noses Black is the color of caves White is the color of snow Green is the color of trees Orange is the color of glow
50 Shades of not just Grey    By: Vivian Ngo There’s only 6 colorson the spectrum.Red, Orange, Yellow,Green, Blue, and Purple.That’s how I was taught.
A year is colors is something that can blur around you It starts off in the cold winter months, with blues and grays, and whites before it moves to the dusty brown and pale greens of spring
This pen is a sword  the paper it's victim  though not through words  do you find that its poison  but rather through lines: bent and shaped as they are  they capture your mind 
Colors Colors are bright Colors are dark Colors are the start to a new art Colors begin a day so looming and stark
yesterday i realized i am better now and i was proud for the first time since april today
What once began as a thought flourished as the words were wrought like cascading raindrops falling from a single spot   The words my hand created told a story that was dictated
I was black, a soul that was tampered with by the past, reminiscing in what could have been. A book whose story has been written and rewritten repeatedly. I was black, weak and lacking confidence.  
Mom lights a candle A diya, a lamp I have to choose Red or blue   Voices of reason Larger, louder
Cotton candy skies surround my brown eyes I can't miss a thing so I try not blink The beauty stuns me The colors of a sunset are so jaw dropping, it's almost criminal My eyes never wish to look away during such times
What can I compare these thoughts to? A bluish, grayish, blackish hue. For when I am happy,  they seem to blend, But an artist would know, black is the end.  The darkness usurps any white I recieve,
Recently, applying for scholarships have become a blur. The number one question I get is  What are you personal and educational goals? To me, stating my personal and educations goals seperately
When assigning colors to things, I think that:   Logic is black against white and white against black.  
Colors greet me now, Flooding me with emotion; What I wake up to.
I get out of bed every morning  because if I were to lie still then who would there be to paint all the colors I see in my dreams? If I were to lie still then my world would never be any brighter 
"It's a disguisting color!" Well, mam, I beg your pardon.  But that color I just mentioned- Happens to be my favorite.    "It keeps you awake." Can't deny that one, But that's the fun,
I still see the same faces everyday, but something has changed in yours.     Maybe I'm watching too closely for some sign of you missing me.    
Colors. Fears. Doubts. Painting the canvas of reality With obscure shadows, Scavenging through heaps of Meaninglessness To catch a glimpse of
My mind explodes with hatred. I was only told of the awful memories. I was only told of the abuse. My mom wanted to protect me from the bad. I was forced into a game of hide and seek except there was no one looking for me.
Your leafless soul It clings to me as Ivy might grace A burdened home. Entwined, we are, In mossy grandeur That shelters those Who seek solace In emerald canopies.
I see youI see your strength and your charm.And that smile that makes daylight jealous.I see the outlet of your frustrations in the valleys of your triceps.I've memorized the divots in your lips as they approach mine.I hope this is how I will reme
I walk to  somewhere on this grey day within  my life of shrewd colors grey In the grey clouds above I spot a flash  of light
All the colors Piling up Red as rage Green's revenge A full cup Of blood Hatred dripping Then some light blue Skinny dipping Naked heart Drowns in love Appears again
Colors so happy Floating together at times clasping hands  Changing colors as if to blush Dancing and swirling in, out, and around Mounds of fabric, bands and clamps Create the music for the Tie Die dance.
1.     He was born on the 10th of June, the year 2015.
Red. Redder than your flushed cheeks. Redder than the blood that pulsed through your veins. Red.   Red. Redder than your used lips. Redder than the marks that were scattered across your neck.
The waking world I’ve realized Is limited And can’t surprise   The busy, buzzing Mind inside
In the night sky The star’s twinkle To the rhythm of my heart The man in the moon Sings me to sleep With the sweetest melody Made of light and convex beams   Colors dance in the daylight
I was blank. A colorless existence with nothing more than a mere outline to hold my soul steady, An outline child only a mother could love. I was the grey cloud that floated behind every rainbow, 
It is The touch of her palms on A beating heart Toying with the Malleable tissue Of a passionate soul. It is
Majority of the world is seen in black and white.You look around and see the same consistent colors everywhere, everyday.The one that simultaniously takes my breath away and give me life is the one that comes at the end of every day.
Sky glows sapphire, azure, marshmallow white and dazzling sun shines yellow, orange, orange yellow bright. Everything around me seems sure of color, except for myself. I am an empty, colorless shell.  
You don't know the meaning of the colors you wear. You put them on to follow, so that everyone stares. You emit no emotion towards that color. No thought of it even crosses your mind. It is not to hide, or flourish.
The sun splahes the sky with a runny orange-purple haze that bathes the land in shiny gleaming evening The light dribbles into my mouth and lines my insides with warmth
Sakura, color me pink, Sakura, color me white. Above all colors, don't hold red. A delicate figure among the snow, Such jealousy and respect cannot compare Your Wisdom and you Pride.
the world is full of color its flashing all around one right after another always and never found   some are friendly and warm
My mind My world is a blank canvas   the colors around me are gray even with the help of that sunshine ray
The wind was there, the stars were falling. The clouds moved in, the moon danced. Earth was heaven for just that night. The times at home were left behind, I was feeling happy. Parents, don't care.
He looked at her in beautiful colors vibrant and passionate ones he saw her firey red temper and he still found her beautiful because it was no color of red he'd ever seen he saw
Began all with something something White as White as Milk would be and as an Angel would look   Blue as Sky Blue as Sea igniting Waters bringing Rains to Rain
You run with the moon to escape from the sun But where are you going, what are you running from? Is it truly the sun or the promises it holds? The illuminating rays, the gleaming gold
As we drift west 'neath cotton wisps and buttes, Cerulean and pearly white combine To mock at spinach-green and call it mute, And point it to the highway's yellow line.
Leaves, wind, frost, air, Red, orange, brown, gold; Frost, air, wind, leaves, Crsip, crunch, light, cold.   Smoke, gloves, stars, school, Warm, sweet, bright, small;
I am sky blue: The enticingly flaky polish that My restless nails mutilated In an anxious fit of obligation.  
My fingertips smell like stale cigarettes
I have a million thoughts running through my head and it seems that none of them have a clear answer for me.
Pink by nature, where everything blooms The sun glistening in my hair as I walk towards you The light in your eyes reels me in a little more The dance in my step, fills my body up warm
Some days, I am ashen- I drag my way around, And I will not look you in the eye. I have no energy to do the smallest things, And I will slump into the wall when someone gets near.
Violet is her. Violet is the erratic beating of your love-sick heart. Violet is your mind un focusing as it wanders aimlessly towards thoughts of her. Violet is the knowing smile she gives you as you approach her shyly.
Indigo is a darkness, insurmountable. Indigo is trying to love what you loved not a month ago, but the feeling isn't there. Indigo is trying to summon the will to care, but you can't.
Blue is a stillness with which you are familiar. Blue is the cold wind, quietly reminding you of the weather. Blue is the sound of the snow falling all around you so quiet that you could easily forget it yet so loud you want to keep listening.
Green is the sound he makes when you spin him around high in the air. Green is the trees he climbs on. Green is the grass when he rolls down the hill. Green is when he asks you to join him. Green is when you say yes.
Yellow is using her for a pillow. Yellow is when she runs her hands though your hair. Yellow is the color of the flowers that surround the two of you. Yellow is the sound of the wind whistling through the empty field you find yourself in.
I fell in love with your laurel green eyes and how they turned the colour of staw when the sun would kiss your pale cream ski
I have no color,  No shade of gray.
When I was a kid I thought all poems were about roses
TO BE VAIN:    How hard is it to understand one’s true intentions?   Faced with different interpretations, what is sky blue may be turquoise or teal.  
Colors for you
Color me blind and show me the world You want the money the cars and the girls But I want the rage that comes with the passion The infinity that comes from the intimacy As we create sweet symphony
Torn Between two, One black and the other white. Yet dull, gloomy and often unnoticed. Dismal, and outcaste are likely to be,  is exactly the reason you are for me.   To many its a sad and true emptiness, 
This is the time. Leaves dance in the air, Giving color to the wind. 
Your eyes used to be so bright They looked straight forward Unnerving but more alive than all those around you, They used to look so colorful and awake   What changed you?   Was it the people?
A chill runs down my spine But I do not feel cold.   A slap across the face With no pain.   Black and blue covering a once perfect skin And I see nothing.  
These brightly colors,
There I sat staring As every color flew by Oceans of madness
    I have an innovative mind One with many characters and personalities My friends are imaginary, a figment of my dreams They come alive as I write on the pages inside a blank notebook of my alter worlds.
Calm.  Dangling of my fingers over the edge of a boat, gently caressing in and out of the still water. Blue. Grey pale mountain peaks, hazy off in the distance. Warm.
This drapery consists of a mask that rests Itself on the surface of my face But conceals my inner core. My story is composed of a chemical Concoction that portrays my background
A luminous light shoots into the air, As a 'Boom' rips through the sound barrier, An explosion occurs, Beautiful patterns are embedded into the night sky. For a short while.
Everyday people are dying. Everyday people are lying. Just stop trying to win this race. Just make the world a better place.
I was a shy person. Easily manipulated. I was a quiet person.
Oh please, Pay no attention to me. I'll just sit back here, All quiet-like, And continue to pull all the strings. The world's a complicated place, And Mama didn't raise a fool,
Blind Ambition Keeps me wishin' I had someone like You   Orange burst of passion Purple mist
Yellow, Pink, Gold I see the colors with stories left untold The vibrancy of the blue sky The pop of freshly cut green grass The oranges and the purples and the reds
Everyone's got a canvas
and so the nigh
Trembling they rise Immersed in my grief Ferrying my troubles with them   Dancing they fall Catching the light Diving down my cheek   Eyes bleed my miseries Wrist bleeds my soul
What is the sound your heart is making?
They kmow not of why they give.
Gentle rolling was heard past the paper thin walls.
Through the trees shone A burnt orange light The sun sinking low As the moon took its post.   Friends huddled around A fading orange glow The last of the coals As the cold held us close.
subtle, subtle, subtle, the only word that helps. because last year was only four hours ago  and four hours ago is only a decade away from now   and all I can imagine is two decades ahead
A dark, dreary night Sitting here, waiting for warmth Tears roll down my face   The cool, breezy air Spring has finally arrived New plants emerging   The joy spreads throughout
  Imagine a world with no color How dull our lives will be Every moment the sky gray That’s not the way Our dreams won’t be dreams We will wake up with screams Because a world with no color
So Many things I dread Even during the day My head is filled with lead  
Orange, yellow,  red, Slowly all the leaves decend, Autumn fades to snow
Dreaming of life so far away, In the future unknown, Flying colors appear everywhere, Seeming to tease me into following destiny. Where shall I go I ask? Flying colors tease me each day,
  Bright yellow first Daffodils on the longest summer day In the perfect sunny afternoon Lemons bought from the local grocer
A Day in The Life By: Gabrielle W. A day in the life of who you are;
Red center inside
Pale moon, pale stars, merry twinkle, somber skies, quiet as darkness feels to the eyes, white and cold as marble hearts.   White as wedding's binding vow, till death do we part...
If someone ever comes to up me With a bag of Skittles and candy in their mouth, With the lame pick-up line:
The color you feel when the sun grazes your face  The color you feel when your mother kisses you on the cheek  The color you felt when your father left you  The color you felt when your uncle wrapped his arms around you 
My name is green Just the letters and sound It's full and green and heavy Not at all like me.   I feel like red Just like passion and drums I'm red with shame and pride
She is sitting in a gorgeous
Green is the color of envy Red is the color of love Blue is the color of freedom While yellow is the color of fun   Black is an evil color White is always good Grey is the color in between
Amethyst is the color of the sky before it turns black It is stuck between lavender and purple,
Black and blue colorsof the dark huesof the night sky.Twinkling, glittering starssprayed all around the skylike art on canvas.Blurry reflectionon the river water of amagnificent moon.
The rain dropsnot from the clouds,but from the Heavens above.They drip from the treetopsand drop from each branchand nestle into leaves,glisten on webs woven tight fromspiders at night,
I am bright and sunny yellow,  full of happiness and cheer. And everywhere I go I try to brighten the room. With a big smile and happy eyes, there is a bounce in my step. I am quick to laugh and sing,
Oh how true that I am feeling blue without you But no matter how much I red into it I am dead without you in it And I know I’ve been mean I know I’ve been green But paint me purple for being slow as a turtle
The light blurs out any sensation you sense Your clothes are stained, but you wait in suspense The picture frame is tilted agains the wall It never bothered me, for imperfetion is beauty after all
Yellow is associated with happinessBut I associate it with greedToo much money and not enough loveIs something no one needs
She sips her water wondering Wondering what wonders life will bring Waiting for the day She'll find the courage she needs to say End the violence end the pain As he swings she screams the name in vain
Black runs like the river Mixing with the fallen red already on the ground Swirling, eerily, on the black pavement Clear drops fall, Some the pure of rain, Others heavy & laden with salt
Smooth prince with a royal smile. That snob that makes it all worthwile, Sitting in his lonely throne, dreaming purple dreams with hints of other colors. for he is the love child of
Black. Her eye, because She was wrong Again. It was her own fault, As always.   Beige. A brush full of concealer Hiding a secret Nobody will learn.   Red.
Don’t be sad, But don’t deny that you are If I could hear the color blue, you'd sound just like it. I don’t know how to help you but, I can help you recompose your sound..
Time flies by and it’s still the same,So many victims and everyone’s to blame. Red, white, blue, yellow, gold, and black;A melting pot of colors and it’s ready to crack. Common as a cold,It’s careless and bold.
The flowers falling Changing colors show season It seems it's fall now
A break in the norm Traditions broken Patterns erased Different, unexpected, new, life   Up or down, left or right, they are no longer options This a new beginning, a new time
  What a beautiful color, red, she said And smashed it down with her hand Orange is pleasant as well, I can tell! And crushed it according to plan. Green, so keen, a fervent shade
You're here.     I can hear you.        Why are you here? What is your purpose? "Their arms would look beautiful in dried blood on the floor of your bedroom"   You're here.        I can hear you.
You were like a painting I couldn’t finishA mural in my mind, how I planned to love youYou were my canvas,Each day you made me smile,A streak of golden yellow I’d paintEach day I woke up thinking of you,
Look how the clouds swirl in the sky. A beautiful mess of orange, red, and pink. They melt with the sun, Leaving a bittersweet tint behind.
Most days I’m a bashful pink.     Blushing and shy.     Constantly hidden. Then I become a ruthless sea green.
I sit in a field     and wait, to capture the beauty:     yellow, orange,
Words swirl inside my head like pillars of light, I grasp onto the strands and wait: I wait for them to makes sense, Incoherent buzzes of truth are all I have.
Why I write seems such a complex question to pose, With so many shimmering answers to reply with that shout for attention, In my soul.
The pregnant skies bore A shower of tears, Hoping the sun would soon Return to brighten her spirits.
No one else Can see what I see It's beautiful And it's terrifying These colors Dance to the rhythm Of your heartbeat Rainbows of emotion
No one else Can see what I see It's beautiful And it's terrifying These colors Dance to the rhythm Of your heartbeat Rainbows of emotion
Brilliant purples, pinks, and blues Blend in such amazing hues, My breath is taken out from me And as I stop to gaze, I see A stallion toss his wispy mane Then race away, ne'er seen again.
Down on my luck Out of my mind What's going on? I've lost track of time. Where do I go? Why can't you stay? It doesn't make sense these words that you say. What's this I hear?
Staring at a wall is like a painter with a blank canvas You don't know what to make To create What is your inspiration? Grab that bottle of red paint and throw away your paintbrush
Red is the blood, that indicates grace, rushes to the head, with blushes on the face. Orange is the sun, forever there to shine, enlightens everything while ignoring time. Yellow is a buttercup, so bright and true,
Charlotte's red and gusty breeze Wiping down the laney square. Thrashing greens and yellows bare. Waiting, watching, calls me there.
Back when I was a ballerina I turned and twirled With leotards and pink tutus. I sautéed. I plied. I turned and went the wrong way on stage And provided plenty of laughs for my family.
World to you, may I see white and blue. With cross and ties I can stimulate the everglory of reality. Wither and I will wither on you. It won't feel the same as the next made song.
Is a picture a picture if it's all just white? It’s just a blank canvas, that isn't right, Just sitting there, alone, without any life, And it sure ain't worth no pretty price.
Birds have beautiful colors. Their feathers of red and blue and golden yellow ruffle together against the sky.
I love when our eyes collide, and the time afterward when the awkwardness subsides, I gaze into the blaze of your iris Inside, where truth lies
Red for the battles and blood that was lostOrange for the sunsets spent counting the costYellow for sunrise and starting anewGreen for the grass that is stained red with dew
Music thearapy for my body and soul More room for the new, sayonara to the old Same me, but wiser and bold often portrayed as heartless and cold my emotions are opposite of Django, chained and controlled
I’ve daydreamed myself invisible. Lost in the blur of faces, names, laughter, colors. The school hallways are Tetris, and I’m a piece trying to fit before I am crowded out. Crowds.
I’ve daydreamed myself invisible. Lost in the blur of faces, names, laughter, colors. The school hallways are Tetris, and I’m a piece trying to fit before I am crowded out. Crowds.
We all have door with a lock but no key We all have our secrets, our past, our deeds We've seen the ups and we've seen the downs We've seen our loved ones placed in the ground We've been scared and scarred
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