Colors of Excellence

Black don't crack, our spirits can't be broken. I'm not your nigger, I'm not your token. I'm never voiceless, I'm outspoken. I only bow down to God, never no man. Our people have been enslaved, tortured, and slaughtered, still not falling to the anguish. Continual attempts on our lives, but God's light in us shines too bright to extinguish. Shot dead in the streets, and even videos aren't enough evidence. But there's no bullet that can shatter our black excellence. See, we come from a history so much richer than any dead presidents. All The Hate U spite, our Stars still shine bright. I'm speaking in the present tense. This story has so many chapters, yet it isn't even close to ending. I'm done pretending, that it's alright that you don't care. Why should I be apologetically black? On egg shells to speak truth, when you sling lies with no fear. I'm not okay, with you being okay, with the fact a black man was killed today. Or when a sister was killed as far back as two days, and to you it's just Tuesday. Nah see, i can't get with that. I can no longer cosign your ignorance. You think we're foolish, but we would blow minds, just from our diligence. Toughness, strength, faith, and yes... intelligence. The minds and hands that built this country... so much so that when recording your history, you felt the need to embellish it. It's not that I have a hatred for white people, we all come from one man, and shared one dialect. I'm just sick of your ignorance, and I say that with all due respect. Ignorance is a choice you make in your heart, not a limitation of your intellect. But I can't make that choice for you. I mean we can lead a horse to water but can't make it drink. I can tell you of my experience, my plight, my perspective, but I can't force you to think. Let me say I appreciate those, who chose, to be enlightened, awoken. Let's never be silent, forever outspoken. By all means, though hopefully without violence. As our spirits remain eternal, never broken!

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My country


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