Green is the sound he makes when you spin him around high in the air. Green is the trees he climbs on. Green is the grass when he rolls down the hill. Green is when he asks you to join him. Green is when you say yes. Green is running as fast as you can just because you can. Green is his favourite dinosaur. Green is when he gets too big to carry, but not to big to hold your hand. Green is when he waves goodbye but you know he'll be back next year. Green is when he comes back with a bigger body and an even bigger smile. Green is when he swears he'll love you forever. Green is when you say the same. Green is when he doesn't come back the next year. Or the next. Green is when he comes back years later bigger than ever, with a smile just the same. Green is when he can pick you up now. Green is when he reminds you that you still love eachother.


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