How hard is it to understand one’s true intentions?
Faced with different interpretations, what is sky blue may be turquoise or teal.
I guess the color wheel is simply a reference point.
Not meant to classify position, but to acknowledge just how distinct a degree of difference truly is.
Red, yellow, and blue; how similar  our canvasses are while awaiting arrival. 
And yet,  somehow each first evades the opportunity to be ubiquitous.
Sure, what is now has been before.
Yet still to the individual ( O2) becomes increasingly unprecedented with each breath.
Taking in forcefully what once we didn't need, uncharted enigmas begin to fester.
A point where life is definite, while reality drifts slowly into a nebulous stupor. 
Each conviction shaping an answer as a way of preemptively preparing for the unknown. 
We approach our capacity.
Further from one another, yet close enough to speculate about each other’s progression.
Subjectivity determining universal truths.
Encouraging the boundaries between the real and surreal.
A sacrifice worthy of its consequence. 
For in a vacuum, nothing would exist…….duh!
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