Colors of Home

I'm not going to try to tell you you're not broken, but I'd like to be the one who kisses every wound that's open. And I know The Potter with the warmest hands who can put you back, together, better than ever, before. As so much more. Filling every crack, with a gold that will shine forever. And I'm the most broken person I know, so can't we just be broken together. And maybe help each other find that healing. I don't have a name for what you give me, but so far I really like this feeling. See, i see perfection in your imperfections. The most beautiful things can be born from the ugliest scars, like Caesarean sections. Or like nail marks through The hands as Christ gave His Life on the cross. Giving His Life for those He so dearly loved, no matter the cost. The truest example of servant leadership. And to your needs, baby I heard you. So as your King, let me lead you. As my Queen, let me serve you. And forever know that when I'm quiet, it's often because listening. You shine like summertime pools, golden silk on spools. The most beautiful concrete rose, with unearthed jewels. I see your potential, but I'm not seeking to fall in love with who you can be. I want every bit of who you are now. Pour it out on me till you're empty. Let me fill you with a love, the most beautiful love, that I'm still learning from God above. So many trials it took for me to begin to be taught. I'm knowing that if it's you for me, deep feelings will be caught. Like these wild fires that spark, and burn in a way that can't be put out. Sometimes past influenced fears cause feelings to be fought. I was always in that bout. No more, I'm now feeling fearless as I dive into feelings for you. I told you once, you give me feelings of blue. Every day it's like these feelings are new. I'm seeking to find a home in your heart. As your room grows bigger in mine, already filling my thoughts. Already the centerpiece of my art. A good friend asked me who got me so in love, filled with such desire. I was like...whattt? Chill fam, but maybe even to myself I was a liar, because never in my life has another human being had my creativity so inspired. So I seek refuge, a home... in your arms, as mine become your safe haven. Let's play together at the feet of the throne, because we're both tired, and heavy laiden. I want who you are, to grow with who I am.. as we both grow together to better reflect the Great...I AM. Amen!



What a beautiful expression of love, thanks for this piece. Take a peek at a piece I posted called Broken

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