Visibility (A Love Story)


United States
29° 31' 55.5708" N, 95° 19' 14.5452" W

I’ve daydreamed myself invisible.
Lost in the blur of faces, names, laughter, colors.
The school hallways are Tetris, and I’m a piece trying to fit before I am crowded out.
I’ve never liked them, the groups of girls weaving their webs of incessant gossip,
The boys with their wandering eyes, almost animalistic as though you are a delectable snack they wish to consume.
I feel invisible. Making my way from class to class. No one notices me.
The bathroom, my sanctuary at lunchtime. The sterile smell of Lysol and different perfumes offers comfort.
What would happen if I disappeared? Would they notice or care?
Would I?
High school renders you emotionless, drained. Dramatics render me lifeless, zombielike.
His eyes met mine. Brilliant blue flecked gold. A turbulent ocean where I’m lost in the depths.
Free at last, visible in vibrant color, high definition brilliance.


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