Blue is a stillness with which you are familiar. Blue is the cold wind, quietly reminding you of the weather. Blue is the sound of the snow falling all around you so quiet that you could easily forget it yet so loud you want to keep listening. Blue is the soft crunch your boots make on the fresh snow. Blue is your slow exhale, visibly rising up and out of you, away to the wind. Blue is the streetlights, turning on and separating your world into "lit" and "unlit". Blue is the sound of the other footsteps around you, too many to count, none of them intruding on your private little world. Blue is the sound of hurried footsteps behind you slowing next to you and matching your pace. Blue is a glance up to a beaming, bundled face greeting you with a smile much warmer than the weather. Blue is silently freeing your hand from its pocket. Blue is when they take it without a word. Blue is sharing the stillness without hesitation.


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