Colors of Eternity

From the very moment I met you, the mere thought of you could inspire me. Knew one day I might find myself a slave to love, I didn't know who the buyer would be. Found myself so ready to put in that work, hoping you would hire me. Thanked God for entrusting you to me, and promised to do whatever He required of me. I'm spilling my feelings in these love letters before you even know they exist, but one day you'll get this message. I'm saying a lot of things but what they all truly say is you're the best Blessing. And that I won't mishandle this diamond, even though I know it's unbreaking. That with each passing moment, my heart, you are taking. That I will watch you sleep for a few minutes every single morning, and praise God for your waking. I could say I never knew love like this. Guess the truth is I never knew love. I'll never ever put your heart at risk. I'll make sure every day starts and ends with a kiss. What I thought before was Blessings raining down, now, just seems like a mist...compared to the way they flooded in since you entered my life. Maybe I'm saying too much in saying I can see you as my wife. I feel like the spot was reserved for you. Angered at myself for not keeping it preserved for you. I let someone sit on your throne, and I let her make it an unfit home. But you're my future, the past is meant to be history. I learned from it, but yearned for this beautiful mystery. One that I will thoroughly enjoy exploring with you. Girl I adore you. To hold on tight and not let go, I implore you. There's a place in your heart that waited for me. To be patient with me, is all I ask. Praying you're up for the task. Windows to my soul wide open, removed all masks. All walls collapse in your presence like the walls of Jericho. Man, God will do it won't He? I promise you that forever He will be the only, who loves you more than me. I promise you forever, we will better, together. See its me for you, and you for me. In your eyes, I see the Colors of Eternity!


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