Fri, 10/24/2014 - 09:46 -- SerenaD

A chill runs down my spine

But I do not feel cold.


A slap across the face

With no pain.


Black and blue covering a once perfect skin

And I see nothing.


The colors are all I see

As they dance through the wind.


Nothing can get to me

When I'm with them.


The cheers

Mask the pain.


The pride

Makes up for the cold.


A simple smile 

Returns me to perfection.


A well-known tune plays

Making my smile bigger.


Feet together

Chest out

Shoulders back

Head up



The eyes overflow

And we're swimming in it.


The cold doesn't matter.


The pain is nonexistent.


Nothing can distract me

When I'm on the field.


There, the colors are all that matter.



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