A Journey Through Color

My favorite color used to be yellow, the underdog of colors as one could say. It is bright, hard to wear, and difficult to match with. My past is filled with yellow, from the rubber boots that meant rain or the shining embers of a fire that fizzed and popped when you got close.

But I remember sitting in a circle on the first day of school when I was a kid. We each had to go around in a circle and say our name, and then after our favorite color. There was a jumble of "blues" and "purples," but when it got to me, my naive self proudly exclaimed, "Kaylie Walker, and my favorite color is yellow!" Yellow?! Gasped my classmates, Ew yellow is ugly!

I remember my wide-eyed self being mortified. But the heinz mustard that was a necessity whenever we went camping, or the extending rays of the sun that meant eternal playdates. What about the sweet tang of a lemon bar that would always be my summer craving? Ugly? How could that be ugly? But the pressure of my classmates opinions got to the best of me, and I let myself get pushed over.

And after, whenever I was asked, "What is your favorite color?" I would always say "blue."

Blue is often associated with sadness. I think it fits. I slowly let blue consume me, and I lost my simple and bright yellow self. I was scared to be different, and I became so caught up in other people that I completely stopped paying attention to myself.

But as time went on I realized that I only have myself. My thoughts and feelings should be the only things that matter, and I began to understand that not everybody had to be the same. In fact, difference should be celebrated. Yellow is beautiful, as am I and every other person in this wonderful, unique world.


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