Tue, 12/23/2014 - 15:08 -- anilar


Torn Between two, One black and the other white.

Yet dull, gloomy and often unnoticed.

Dismal, and outcaste are likely to be, 

is exactly the reason you are for me.


To many its a sad and true emptiness, 

however to the cool shade that comforts me.

They avoid it; remove themselves from it,

as for me i move closer and surround myself in it.

It holds my hand when the tears don't seem to stop and shows me that i am capable of so much.

One step i take into a pearly shade so divine,

to find a light that gleams in the dark. 


A smoky color from a crystal pot,

it frees my mind like a bird from what others call my writers block.

To read, express and review who i am and who i was, 

to see nothing but a dead end in what to come when i look upon a rainbow.

So many colors it confuses my minds i take a step back into my warming gray 

and the big red drapes close in on me and i hear an applause from afar.

I close my eyes to be home with you as my body bends over to take a bow.

At last its you, the reason, the color, 

the comforting



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