Colors of Pain

There will be times when things between us might not feel so sweet. Those moments we look back on, wishing we could press delete. I might find myself tripping, when I only meant to sweep you off of your feet. Your sweet full love feeds my every need, and it's been days since I've had something to eat. Whether mad or sad, we promised to never go to bed upset, but often memory is selective. Feeling like a stranger knocking at the door of the heart I call home, in response my own heart gets protective. I feel like we've tried everything, but seems that nothing I do is effective. I'm still the same student, eager to learn you, but lately you only want to give me electives. Not that those aren't important to me too, but I'm forever seeking the deepest education in you. Of your love, don't starve me. It cuts deep like a knife, don't carve me. That feeling that all control has abandoned your being. My sunshine seems to be slipping away. Lost in the darkness with my warm light fleeing. I had to put away the pride. It's most often to ourselves inside, that we can be the most duplicitous. To try to tell myself life exists without you? I should wait until I'm in my right mind, to revisit this. Because I know better. No, never, is that acceptable. As your man, I stand, this oath I pledge to you. To keep you first, and self second. Me without you is Adam in the Garden, the first time he felt naked. The desert of my mouth is always yearning to taste your rain. Lips always ready to kiss your tears, tasting the colors of your pain. Wherever you are will forever be the only true home, I've ever known. As long as breath still runs free, within me, you will never ever face this world alone. My promise to you is that my God above will be the only to ever be placed higher above you. And that I will spend my very last breath saying, I love you!



What a beautiful word sequence. Thanks for sharing

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