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In unity we find our strength, Together we can go to great length, Bound by a common goal, We can overcome any toll.   For when we stand together, We are stronger than ever,
Unity, the bond that binds us all, Together we stand, never to fall. In times of joy, in times of strife, Our unity keeps us going in life.   From different lands and cultures we hail,
I have never seen an ugly flowerFlowers are always full of grandeurFlowers are known to be beautifulAll the time, that's stupendously wonderfulAll flowers speak a beautiful language
                                                Betrayed and backstabbed By our African brothers. Insulted, humiliated and robbed
No eres nadie Como yo no soy nadie Eres alguien Como soy alguien Hay una humanidad
You are nobody As I am nobody You are somebody As I am somebody There’s one humanity Let’s thank God and Jesse
we are one we are some we are cool away from fools through the year we turn on our gear show our power on the tower   we are not weak even in a week twice a day
We do not want only a piece We aspire and want Peace A mammoth piece of Freedom For the north, south, west and east
It is Thanksgiving afternoon Different is the celebration We must now wear a mask In order to safely see Christmas
Why limit oneself to a single colorWhen one can enjoy all the colors of the rainbow?Look up and gaze at the stars. The clouds are lowBut only two colors are breaking the door.
order in the court! the judge yelled out loud as a loud uproar came from the crowd the judge asked if peace could take the stand the crowd proceeded with the questions how do you think you could help?
AFRICA I Pondered What's African Time.⌚ I came to realization, why Africa is yet lacking behind.
We are the generation In which the world has Placed its trust onto.   We are the future. They've been saying this Since we were only children. It's all up to us.  
Yup... I'm THAT GUY Who Uses Rhymes ... And Words To UNITE Like Day Does Night... !!! Cos I'm The LYRICAL KING To Diana's PRINCE... !!! Yes A WONDER MAN Whose Pen COMMANDS... Respect That's........ GRAND ....... !!!
You don’t see color? Then you must have a real hard time with traffic lights.   But no, what you really mean is  You choose  Not 
In times like this, it is easy to feel scared and alone, When you have no idea what's going on in the outside world because you are stuck at home. With your loved ones so far away, 
The Media is headlining COVID-19 to strike fear I'm here to headline COVID-19 to strike Faith with a different acronym Christ Over Virus and Infectious Disease the number 19 will be change to 66
We all have our emotions, our lighter and darker sides. There is good and there is evil which within us all abides. Mankind is evolving, a necessity to survive, towards new heights of tolerance,
if you can't believe in yourself, you can leave the task to me when you're feeling worthless know that you matter to me because when i look at the world,
So What Does LOVE REALLY Mean To You .... ??? Your Lovers' Touch Or The Things They DO .... ??? That Make You FEEL Your Love Is REAL ... ?!?
 Americans We We were the arnsenal of democracy, There, fighting on the beaches of Normandy. We felt victory at last and our enemies none, By standing together, Americans as one.  
Rise UP Rise up I say, why you gotcha ya head bowed This ain’t what our ancestor had in mind when they feet hit the ground Running as fast as they could, never looking back at the enemy
The sky was shining blue above, all the people one in love, it was almost as if they never heard of SELF
It’s an  Anxiety   That doesn’t  Need to be diagnosed  But it’s felt And it’s known Like Brown 
Were we human? Yes, once we were. But not now. Not now.   Now we are more. We are one. Unity.  
                                     Burning, breaking, hurting, taking, Could we use a little more decision-making
                                     Burning, breaking, hurting, taking, Could we use a little more decision-making
Smile for me As I smile for you Listen to the music We'll be making some real soon Moonlight and stars Decorate your eyes I'll remember this night for the rest of my life
    May my compassion for each and every being I meet be limitless and sincere May my wisdom transcend all defilements and confusion  Buddha is my true nature, may I always be mindful of this 
This is a recorded performance at the Bite of Seattle 2017. I will type up the lyrics later.
I fear to see the mother land cry blood on tectonic plates, Shift to separate lands of human evolution tentatively In war formed by our own, one say to unite the black with wight protected by blood.
The hate you give may be The hate you'll receive You give what you get, You get what you give. So often, this philosophy. - And so, molded by hate, I become what I hate. Why does this happen?
the world seems to be insane illness and pain struggle and vain what happened to the love? why cant we seem to rise above? loving and uniting  a stop to all the fighting 
the shade of our skin, the color of our eyes, the shape of our noses, the way our hair falls, things we don’t decide yet they seem to be  deciding factors in how we see eachother,
Pray for the One   Good deeds are acts of prayer To the light, our vanguard. This is the time when Acts of love are needed To fortify the One of which We all are,
Dear Heavenly Father, As humble as I know how, I come to you with a heavy heart, mind, body and soul. I come from a place of heart break, heartache, and pain. I come in a cloud of confusion asking for clearity and sanity.
Poetry teaches unteachable lessons Things you can’t find in a textbook or lecture The beauty of words, A universal language Poetry— friendship, a means of connection
When tough times   Do arise   When the world is falling   And the voices are calling   We take a stand   Hand in hand   We come together  
Every day there’s a new tragedy plaguing the headlines of newspapers and magazines When did we forget how to love? instead learn how to hate
A love so dear,That is hard to disappear,Purity in the heart makes it dear.  He may be gone currently,But not permanently,For bond is rare,Almost too strong to bare.  So no worries,He'll return merely.Patients is key,For God' timing is sweet as te
We live in a world where hate is still here We live in a world where you can be an unarmed black man but still get the nine bullets to your back Speaking up equals speaking back
Dear Numbers, You represent that which words can easily explain.   You represent something lonely and lost.    You are solitary objects that only result in a continual pattern of more numbers to be defined. 
We got the fire From dusk till dawn Ours is such that Can change the world We have the fire And we burn forever As long as we are together Dilemmas are a thing of the past.
It was sad but beautiful, the ways she learned to cry. How she learned not to use tears  to express how she truly felt. How she picked up a pen and rewrote her prayers and redrew her dreams.
Why are all these things happening? Where Do we go from here?  
We are not less than We are your equals We are not your captives We are not your vassals
Much is wrong with our society, Treating people like scum, This causes some to turn to anarchy, But choas without purpose is dumb.   We all have a lesson to learn, Unity is the way to peace,
Music tells a story Just because you stop listening doesn’t mean it ends Others hear the words the ones you deny Though to you it may only be noise
Do you know how it feels to feel alone?  I mean, really feel alone, not just to call someone and they won't pick up the phone.  Not just to be at home and hear a pin drop.
Because I love you I see you for who you are I am not only an admirer, but I see you as a star. A divine reflection Not my missing piece Because when I found you, we both had worked to feel complete
Because I love you I see you for who you are I am not only an admirer, but I see you as a star. A divine reflection Not my missing piece Because when I found you, we both had worked to feel complete
Because I love you I see you for who you are I am not only an admirer, but I see you as a star. A divine reflection Not my missing piece Because when I found you, we both had worked to feel complete
I’m the rap Avatar and bringing peace is my missionI’m unlocking people’s greatness and not asking for permissionEveryone has a gift all they need is one decisionTo give there idea some vision to outside its mental prison
Unity is the message that I really want to spreadDon’t care what building your in or if your Whig or if your fedAs we all strive for the same things food friends and hitting the bed
I want to create an alpha park Where light is brought to the dark A park where i’m an Alpha A park consisting of alphas.   Getting strong by numbers and days
A humble woe am I With many compassions But no motion for emotion For there is no commotion In this non-amorous notion   A lad, Seeking nothing but the joyfulness In everyday animation.
People say whatever they want without knowledge     “1st amendment,” they say.   We are different in every way, and that’s what’s beautiful.  
We close our eyes to the unjust visions We close our ears to the cries for help                the cries of pain We shut our doors to our brothers and sisters We shut out the rest of the world
Through the Soil A Tree grows   Through the Land A River grows   Through the Wind An Eagle grows   Through the People A Nation grows   A Nation
Want to know America? Stand on Lady Liberty. Get a glimpse of what it means; Look out as far as you can see.   Once upon a time,
As I’m walking out, I see a different world.I stay looking at the news, telling myself this isn’t real.I feel like I’m always gonna be asking myself why. Why does the world have to be so racist.Why does the world have to have so much hatred. Why d
'Merica Is the old man who stopped and turned To snarl at my mothers beige skin In the dairy aisle without shame It is the voice in my head saying  I'll never be able to hold my girlfriends hand 
I learned the word animosity in 2016 Because the word is thrown around carelessly Whether it be in the news or in discussion This word is used to describe the world currently   This word is new to me
A country of refuge People will flee Politicians will rave We are, Land of the free Home of the brave   Independence we gained Yet it’s unity we crave Our politicians still rave
In these Disunited States We're always concerned with such petty things as Left or right Black or white This or that
In a world where nothing stays the same Either for better or worse America could either lead to fame Or it can lead you to a hurse Aren't they both the same? They seem to be a curse
A country meant for, All who care to look upwards, Toward that bright flag.
Unity If there is anything Our country needs more of It is That five letter word.
Know Yourself. This life is not so easy, give time a tog to settle down for a reason. Realize it is inevitable to swerve out of place, like your first steps made, hardly to keep in pace.
My skin. Look at my skin. What am I? I am a mixed girl in a obscure world. When I would play on the playground. Small, this high, my wide eyes didn’t yet recognize the lies.
W: We A: Are R: Retaliating   We are tired of seeing our kind shed blood.
Unity is strength Unity brings power Standing together as one shows us we are strong and tall like a tower
Ripples of a Third World Heartbreak My eyes will open And I will see the vibrant yellow paint that has coated the walls of my room
Feminism the movement aimed at equal rights for women women meaning plural meaning all women not just caucasian women not just women of color
Pure dark cocoa, milk chocolate, toasted caramel, almond joy; & eveything in between. Love your colored Kings & Queens. 
Gentrification gettin’ into this nation;Historically segregation, Killin’ kids, lit in flames and;Rioting makes it hasten, and racists make the hatred;It’s wicked and dangerous, we livin’ in hades;
Where there is peace there is inspiration stillness imagination Where there is peace there is love like in a mother's womb a natural state quiet warmth  
I go in search of the magicians the ones that still chant abracadabra three times an ancient trilogy revived   I go in search of hope for tomorrow; where wild tiger lilies grow tall,
  GOLDEN OpportUNITY KEY TO CommUNITY Unlocks hearts and minds To the beauty of UNITY Where hate is dead Love lives for eternity And the cloud's silver lining Beholds a GOLDEN OpportUNITY...
Almighty! Almighty! Grant us each others love Grant us Unity Almighty! Almighty! We are you, you are we One commUNITY Almighty! Make me an instrument Of your will
Her and him Him and her From different worlds but still collide A bond that overpowers all like yin and yang 
And I am tired, and I am alone. Shout it from the rooftops, It should be known. As a whole we "somehow grown." But how am I still tired, and how am I still alone
We are shot when we are compliant  We are shot when we are defiant  There are mothers crying There are children dying They want to keep us institutionalized I know what the Germans done 
The human eyes allow us to see and the spiritual one allows us to perceive. As a result, I wake up with desire to grow up to be,  is the greatest instiller in all of history.
Musical minds Border a fine line between delinquent and divine. Find the time  To flow with the despised, Realized, Undefined, Nature of a different kind.  Connect with the disconnected.
I think of how the universe is made of theories—                assumptions and mathematical calculations attempting to shut down the human paradox and close Pandora’s Box,
Forlonness and dejection tear at my heart Serrated claws ripping flesh apart Searing pain pulsates through a body so maimed Burning gaze from icy daggers aimed at my shame Are we not the same?
I remeber the rush. The moment pen touches paper. The smooth glide on blank slate. Infinite array of options, Potential, that I never had.    The feel wasn't all however,
September twenty second, the day this nation gave freedom to her black folk the day, every black man became free, but free..from what?  
I'm tiered of waking up to see the news. How many died? Who bombed who? When I see the headlines I sigh, They outnumber those that show any hope, Faith in humanity so hard to restore.  
I write to explain my feelings because speaking is uncomfortable, I write so people know that they are not alone, I write to explain how beautiful the world is even with its humanistic flaws, I write,  
What does Poetry mean to me? The words in my head that I can't get out. That's Poetry. My fingers flwing over keys as my head clicks along. That's Poetry. Poetry is me. With a computer. And my brain.
This is a poem for my brothers and my sisters Yes the brothers and sisters of my blood and Yes the brothers and sisters of my hood and
Look around  Left Right What happened to my sunlight? The rays of growth  I feel alone Cuz in this world people don't exist, right? I loved the way my lover touched me
As the days goes My mind grows Sharper than knives Sweeter than the honey hives My character shows And the wise knows Beautiful be my people Yeah you know the ones with the wide nose
I raise my fist to where God sits on highwishing he would step down lowlower then your shallow thoughts of what beauty should bewith a smile as luminous as Mr.
We need to find a leader, But that’s not me. We need someone who can reign us in. But I don’t know who’ll that be.   I don’t want to take over it all, But I don’t know what else to do.
I love nice things, but that doesn't mean I steal. I dislike some people, but it doesn't mean I kill. I live at home, but that doesn't mean I don't pay a bill. I like to relax, but it doesn't mean all I do is chill.
No white or black Just a well laid track And often a concerning lack Of humanity is seen Forgetting the in between Just fallowing a track To human demise A world were one another
In China, hospitals skip the fourth and the fourteenth floor because four in Mandarin Chinese iss hi, the same pronunciation as the word for death.  
  Another story on the news just broke A father just died from being choked Just like an innocent boy with a toy got killed And a teen with his hands up was shot against his will
I Am Hip-Hop We Are the music that beats in our chest I Am Water We are more than 60% of water I Am Earth We are traveling on this planet known as Earth, Terra, Gaia
I dream of something that should already be done. I dream of bonds like the red tent. Solidarity between womyn. Because when we were property that our fathers could sell, And our blood was dirty,
Give me the mic there is much that I must say
The world consists of Single blocks. And we were towers of LEGO. Stacked up, man on man
The older generatio
The whole world is a zoo: There are the carnivores
I shall go 
Corruption uses those faces Beautiful faces Have control in reality and illusion Spawning death everywhere   We need those pretty faces That inspire and hypnotize
Black people, like paint swatches, come in an array of shades. We can be a deep, rich mahogany, a creamy, smooth caramel, a bold, mysterious ebony, or even a blend of the three.
In the darkness you can see not a soul see not a soul but your own so there you are alone with familiar stranger feeling like you're in danger surrounded by who knows what the mystery weighs way too much
Two cultures can get me twisted, The white community is always listed, When filling out my race,
Is it possible to be, simply, black and white in this kaleidoscope world of colors? Is it possible to be, simply, one low note while others are scales, trills, and melodies?
I’m not a poet I’m a penny flying through the air after you throw it Off the top of a building or Into the wishing well   I’m wishing well for all my brothers and sisters across the globe
Bombs everywhere, missiles left and right, clenching my gun in my hand so tight. Side versus side, so scared but I will never show it, America the Brave, proud and heroic.
Where is my planner?  Oh surprise, more homework  coffee...coffee*sad face *
I am a girl
Can I Get A Story I am Black and American Yet I am labeled as white And not because I bite
I see you, Standing by my side. Waiting to catch me when I fall. Ready to help me out.  We all act as if we united We are one We are powered But how united are we?
If the worls is a stage, And we ar the plaers, Then we hide ourselves, Costumed with our parts. To the world, our viewers, We are characters, Destned to play our parts. Behind stage, we live,
. Let's GREEN
Team Strong, Weak: Together and apart, working as one player; Family
If you’ve ever loved a boy who is both out of your league and culture Whatever he meant by that You would know what it’s like to sit at a dining table in a home
Let me hold you.  Let me hold you, expressed the flowing river. Let me lead you around the twists and bends. Let me expose you to the eb and flow of my waters path.
Our fear has made some of us uncommitted as a portion of society. Our conditions have caused us to alter our mindset to materials that essentially have no true value. Let's set it all clear,
You are the part of me that was always there but couldn't wake up until your gentle spirit rustled me awake.   Suddenly, but smoothly,
Right now theres a little girlfighting for her lif
We dem boys Them boys that do great things Them boys that after we do it you want to do it too No need for twitter to tell me I’m trending I’m black, I’m trending everyday
The flow of the human race is nothing more than a flow We seem more and more content in our ways we forget to grow The Individualistic idea has inspired oneself to lead a life of independence
I beieve in the strength of mankind the unity we create the power only one person can have
If I don't hold you down who will What if I don't hold your hand when you're ready to quit
We still feel the sun’s burn after a long day. We still smile when we see the rains come our way. We still have the haunted eyes at the fire side.
The only one left, a rarity indeed.I remember the day they chose me back in 1983.I still keep the tag on to remember how much it cost to get them.Stitched to perfection, fitted with a sensual emblem.
Sparks ignite The arid fields And childhood memories  A glow Hangs like hell above Bathed in warm light Flames climb The walls of the house In which we once slept Hopes
Majesty The only  word to describe  Tranquility The water ripples slowly under the sun The slow breathing still rock Protects the trinkling waterfall As its own Because they are one. 
The things that I'd change would be minds and heartsWhen the clock strikes the miracle hourThe peace that's been lostAt innumerable costsWould return with unity once ours  
He waits by the streaming Falls. A healthy mind is stalled by a growing void. It spills deeper into a pipework of drains,
  Guatemala,             Trying to leave the 3rd World.             That's why we need UNITY! Israel,             So much sorrow and pain beneath those shawls.
When I was younger, I never cared about what other people looked like, About the color of their skin. None of that ever mattered to me. My parents taught me to look deep down inside of a person;
I sit at home, reading about the calamities of the world And think to myself, "Couldn't these be handled better?" More often than not, the powers that be twist their authority
  Rewind and Rewrite  
At the sound of an alarm, We wake! At the smell of a brew, We wake! At the turn of a key We move! On our path to fortune, We dream, Yet, at the sight of the homeless child,
This is their place, the place they freely roam; This is their place, the place they call, “Home”.  
My love for equality is so great,
Sometimes I look in the mirror and see myself in fear. What I see is a mess and I think of a makeover and nothing less.   Our government, while always great seems to need the same help as of late.
Th light of day gives to dark of night, How can one overlook this tribune? For even apathy has insight,
Unique, originality, different Our people bound to these words like religion. One by one these words part us like the sea. Drowning us in our own individuality.
  It’s when autumn in its final throes surrenders and one morning you draw in a peculiar breath thick with frigid air that you realize the winter’s made its presence.
Money vs Survival
Money vs Survival Another worry versus another worry Seeking money to survive veruses just survivng Slaving away versus Living away Tears of hardship versus Tears of real life.
“Can I have that to go?  But why do I ask? Time doesn’t go slow, And I have no better task.   But we are always running, Away to better things. Our aversion is stunning,
For we are in here in peace Hair and grease For we hold up our fist Pass the fish and grits For we stand for justice Even when it's just us For we love without color Spreadin' butter
We are told to accomplish everything we can today,
Disregard color, race, sexual orientation, or creed.
In the world you live, there are villains, There are villains who call themselves heroes, they're given your rejection, attempting to eclipse the shining truth with deception,
Sad, lonley children  lost in their everlasting battle bewildered by the odd things shunned my the 'normal' ones. Names and labels,  scorching lives shooting down brilliant minds
Well, you see Sir, Time has come Teacher you desire a review of everything you say and do and Dear Instructor, I have a few things to say to you. Condemn your wisdom and knowledge base we do not.
Take the time to listen, Take the time to know, Take the time to hold on, To that which is truly good.
This is a money hungry nation and without it you can't succeed,  People havin to suffer for things they need,  Yet the priveleged prosper from their greed,  I'm stuck in quicksand while the rich go full speed, 
Late lonely nights I wander aimlessly in the thick, suffocating darkness that dances in envy around the glistening liquid moonlight
To which are you referring   The lines that you are blurring   The hands unheld and the tears untouched   Hungry, hurting, hopeless  
-> I first crafted this verse at a deeply reflective point in my life. My thoughts were on the past actions of myself and those close to me, and I began pondering the driving force for those actions.
I consider myself to be a little strange With thoughts always racing through my head I consider myself a dork because of my passions Things I love inspire me to write down what I once said  
We all witnessed the sweat rolliing down Miss Liberty's head/ when she found out the sleeping giant is no longer sleeping dead/ The Giant/slept with nightmares for over 200 years/ but the giant cannot be awaken by only one peer/ when we marched a
Organ of immense size, enterance and barrier, we are a people obessesed. Color, clarity, cut, that's all we see. Peel it back, throw it away. Our hearts all beat,
                                                                          We are women, Whether complicated or submissive we take things to a whole other level We are women
Three out of four was the turn out. Growing up in a single parent household, College Park, Ga 30349 was my hood until my mother found a way out. Moved us quite a few times, then we hit Henry County.
  And after the storm We will rest in long moments suspended. We will walk with grounded steps On familiar land, And trust our feet to lead us home. We will dress ourselves
We live in a world where there’s so much hardship, pain, and suffering We live in a world where there’s you and me but there’s hardly ever we And when there is it’s because we’re fighting against an enemy
In the eyes of God we are all the same. Human. One life. One name.  So why cant people realize that we are all the same? I dont care what color your skin shines and soaks  in. I dont care if your gay, straight or lesbian.
People living in poverty need so little to be happy, A single house Is known as a palace.
A ticket and a dream was all that she could see, An orphan, and hope for all that could be. Not even a hop, skip, and a jump away.   To arrive on a plan was more than they could ask for,
Don't judge me if you don't me: They judge my skin They don't care what is within They judge me because i do things differtly I want to speak in unity I'm trying to speak freely
Skin. The reason we're all here. The thing that keeps us together. Please come off.                               I do not wish to be here much longer. I wish to hover above all of the other hopeless people. Wanting to hear their thoughts.
As we complain about things being unfair, there are families in the US without health care. You may not have gotten what you wanted for your birthday, there are people in Haiti trying to survive after an earthquake.
I heard on the news the other morning that another child had been killed. And as I sat there listening to the emotionless reporter talk about his death I felt the tears roll down my cheek.
I step out of the plane Baggage on my right hand A bag of toys on the other. One foot touches the concrete. The hard surface onto the soft soles of my feet.
If today were the last day to live, would you call your enemies and forgive? or would you go to the shelter to give? something simple can express so much our hands together is a simple touch
Abnormal, poor, weird words I hear daily Growing up poor wasn’t a choice; wishing it was a choice Each day I struggle looking over my should, hearing them laugh, Avoiding the landlord, rents overdue.
Do not tell me to love the skin I’m in, When everyone around me does not. It would be bullshit to say they don’t matter. Because I’ve heard it my entire life.
The student body gathered outside that winter night on one of the windiest days of the year and we held candles in paper cups between the spaces in our cotton gloves
these hands, subjacent to my heart, brush tears from eyes, push water through space, teach children to swim, feed hungry lost souls, faith, make art, heal wounds, and open doors... for you.
Life is like dominoes, each one has an effect, wherever the first one falls has an influence on the next.
The bass controls my pulse The whole room shaking from the sound Bodies slamming, sweat swapped All walks of life become one The whole place is in unison Punk rock connects all Singers bouncing off kids
If the heroes of old learned how we kept this place They would rise from the grave and they would spit in our faces The land and the sea is soaked with blood and their tears Maintaining our freedom for hundreds of years
Who the hell made you queen? You have a comment on everything Never a smile, only a frown All you do is tear us down You only scream and yell Making a cheerleader's life a living hell
(poems go here) As I sit back, reminisce, and wonder why, why I am who I am, and my eyes become watery and I start to cry.
Looking through a black girls eye What do you see? Ignorance is not uncommon It’s everything it can be Looking through a black girls eyes I see pain Pain that cannot be changed overnight
We live in the Middle East, on a wealthy estate, born of the opposite color. We see an enemy, a complete stranger, a brother in a war overseas.
Society is blinded This world lost its vision People saying God Forgot his own religion Hand over your heart To a flag that needs revision It just doesn’t add up We’re all products of division
Some people say love doesnt exist Others say it is only found between a man and woman if thats true then whats this im feeling for a woman Butterflies in result to that sweet sound i call ur voice
Though we are different and unique Two separate cultures and worlds apart, I fear society’s standards will force you to depart Sometimes the future with you looks bleak. You are from the Arabic world and nation
Skin is nothing more than a covering for our bodies Complete with different shades and degrees Absolute black and white doesn't exist here
Alone. Fragmented. Privately owned. The attempt to unite is futile. A man -- or woman, or some other thing whose hands act life chain-link dividing the land -- He -- or she or it -- acts anonymously,
Clouds of ghost nothings evaporating across the dark Sun: stubborn. Stars, free, warm, dancing. Crying. Skirts. Women
This is a world where we are free In a world of confusion We live under the weight of the sky Above the weight of the sea We roam this world in hope for truth But we find terror, dread, and sorrow
Do you hear that shh, listen closely Do you hear that shhh, listen closely Do you hear that sound the sound of a homeless man begging for beer, of children crying because mommy and daddy don't wanna hear
Your skin ugh. So black so filthy, murky. But did I ask you your opinion? Your assurance that my skin is any less than what I'm assured it is? Oh No!
Just the powerof one Just the power of many United by all we’ve become I seize the day   Just what we’ve always wanted Just what can never be reached The colors of life seem brighter
There is little that makes sense in this world, But justice is something I understand. The equality of all men, And the celebration of each other.
George Wallace and Rosa Parks, Light is light, and dark is dark. Each coexisted in the creation day, But, oh, how far we seem to stray; Why must the differences now be so stark?
We were once a people. We taught together. We fought together, For freedom. Our people won. Black teachers, doctors, politicians. The sky was the limit. We were family. Daddy was always there.
I look at my arm and see glowing amber skin Bright green eyes, curvy figure, long hair and thin lips Anyone can see that I am mixed within
You have no say Yes I do For I shall have the right to speak Isn’t it Freedom of Speech? No man shall be prohibited to speak their mind
You have no say Yes I do For I shall have the right to speak Isn’t it Freedom of Speech? No man shall be prohibited to speak their mind
Beauty is only skin deep? Does that mean not everyone is beautiful? No.
People Red Meet People Blue, Forming a Purple hue, They see, they know, Unity’s role. Where Red and Blue meet Purple edges are burned, No one must see, know, The beauty of inbetween.
I am a product of the Earth, much like you. My people blossom in the motherland, soaking in the bright sun. Our vines weave around the rough terrain, entangling in each other We grow in these dense fields.
Bleed, pour, sacrifice Your body and your soul Fight back, or give in But you will never be whole.
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