This is Theirs

This is their place,

the place they freely roam;

This is their place,

the place they call, “Home”.


Word of men with hair on their face,

men with light skin came 'round;

Chief said,

“Alas! Our brothers from another race,

Our brothers have been found!


“What good news,

the legends came true!

Our ancestors' dispute

is finally through.”


The war,

the war-it's not over;

It's only just begun.

Just count one, two, three, four

they're left with none.


Their white brothers,

they come like a thief in the night;

They stole everything they saw,

they stole everything in sight.


“White brothers,

we gave you everything you need.

White brothers,

why do you continue to take?”


This was their place,

the place they called, “Home”;

This was their place,

now their place has been overthrown.








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