The Long-Distance Dreamer


We are told to accomplish everything we can today,

from smiles to tears, Don't throw any passion away.

But the impending future that looms over us all

makes my accomplishments of joy and sadness seem microscopically small.

What would make these achievements mean more to me

is if they were shared nationwide, globally.

Natural disasters, displacement, the destruction of homes,

persecution and ignorance, becoming all-too-well-known

News reporters inform us of the travesties occurring,

the nature of which they continue obscuring.

I feel that on behalf of my family Humanity,

I alone take a stand against the importance of vanity.

The facts that we're told only reveal so much truth,

little of which really alludes to the dreams of our youth.

When tragedy occurs, and all hope seems lost,

passion reignites in me to remind me why our paths have crossed.

I am not yet a doctor, and I'm only one lass,

trying to save the world, and not just my own ass.

I know I'm not alone - others see what I see;

the surplus of tragedy, necessity for empathy, and the prevalence

of uninvolved emotional desensitivity.

We once believed in the fight - our reason for erupting a war -

but our times have eroded emotional awareness and more.

Those who view humanity as a family are a dying breed;

How can we ever expect humanitarian dreams to succeed?

Being encouraged to act alone, when all stand against us,

being called 'hippies' and 'dreamers', turning noble dreams into status.

NO more silence and concern for what others may think,

I've found assurance in the stars - I toast my Majesty and drink.

Because for a unified world is all I've ever longed,

a world that since childhood I had never belonged.

My dream to save others from discouragement and pain,

to remove the stigma so many recognize with disdain.

To widen the eyes and broaden the minds of our youth,

so that they too actively seek out the Universal Truth.

That as coexisting souls, we all want the same thing,

To not wait for death and the peace it should bring.

Because each of us here individually alive now on earth,

contribute to kill the dream, make it real, or force it into still-birth.

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