Unity feminism


the movement aimed at equal rights for women

women meaning plural

meaning all women

not just caucasian women

not just women of color

not just gay women

not just bi-sexual women

and certainly not just straight women

alot is not in favor

we are screaming at media

Screaming at congress to get equal rights amendment

yet pitting against one another

body shaming each other

and though you rally

megan trainor calling skinny women skinny bitches

is not fixing any feminism or body shaming issue

yes there's a lot of issues

but we should stand together

one cause

one purpose

we are the movement

when we claim the name feminist

we need to keep humanity in mind

as we all are fighting for the same rights

protect one another


people who call us “ nazi fems”

protect one another


people who see us as divided

Protect your daughters

Your grandmothers



we are all on one team

One goal

one victory we all win

one loss

we all lose

it’s colors

we don’t have crypts

and we don’t have bloods

purple can only exist between us all

as that is the original women’s rights color

Come together as one

One goal

Come together

Be stronger

One fist

One movement

Make the states ratify the equal rights amendment

we are one label

fight for another

fight so we can say we are equal

as women

women as a whole

Women as a gender

Women as part of our identity

And invite the men along too

As we cannot do it without them either

nomatter the ethnicity

no matter the sexual orientation

No matter the religion

this is the most effective equality fight

you ask my label

and I scream

feminist for humanity



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