Dirty Dopamine Dove


I’m not a poet I’m a penny flying through the air after you throw it

Off the top of a building or Into the wishing well


I’m wishing well for all my brothers and sisters across the globe

But the visions of Unity and the light of Divinity flashes like a strobe


It’s goin in and out, in and out in a choppy way

I pray for the decay of social pliers twisting our true nature trying to turn it gray

Even though I know there’s an array of beautiful colors


One Light shining through the prism that’s why I call you my sister or brother

even if our skin is a different color


Hover above the prejudice so I’m letting this compassion rain down Supreme

I try to balance on these broken beams

inhale broken dreams and exhale a scene that’s so serene

I don’t want to be another cog in the wheel of this malicious machine


Because I’ve seen things that contradict everything I’ve been taught to believe

And everything that I’ve been taught that was important to achieve so

I don’t spit I purge and dry heave


It’s heavy like the pain of the Earth

Her tremors shook through my body

break it open



Tryin to quench this thirst that doesn’t go away

So I sit still by the window sill as a way to pray


look inside to find the guide

I hope we all collide before I die

I’d lie if I said I didn’t love to cry

I didn’t know it but the tears release dopamine, so it’s dope to cry

you know what I mean?


Here I am exposed and seen, no it’s not clean it’s unfiltered and dirty


The ways of modern man hurt me so I’m digging in the dirt 

My blood spurts into the fields see it splatter and scatter

Seeds of Love fly like a dove

When the rubber hits the road and push comes to shove

Can I back my visions that seemed sent to me from above?




So who is me? Who you are? You are me?

Let it Be.


But do my actions show it

See the faces of the homeless

We all have the same home under this dome

So I’m suffering and I know I’m not alone in this


I’ve been honing this

just for this moment

the moment

you can’t own it so kiss the joy and pain as it flies

I chill with William Blake and bask in eternity’s sun rise

Words to the Wise

Stay fly


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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