Bruddah MaySlay

Brudda Mayslay Brudda Mayslay, do u know who you are? If you only listen to your public school instructors you only think you are the descendants of slaves. Which means you are confined to work with whips and in chains.
Brudda Mayslay Brudda Mayslay, i see you on TV and all you speak on is whips and chains. You measure your wealth off these whips and chains. Flashiness twinkles your eye.
Brudda Mayslay Brudda Mayslay, how far would you go to possess these whips and chains? Would you sale ya soul or give your first born, just to say u just stopped selling crack today!
Brudda Mayslay Brudda Mayslay, would you murder your own kind sale your brudda out just so you can see a brighter day?
Brudda Mayslay I pray cuz you’ve been brain washed and your skin has been bleached, the man upstairs didn’t make you in this image.
Brudda Mayslay Brudda Mayslay, brother may they slay you. They once enslaved you, you are confined to ghettos like Jews in Shakespeare not quite the holocaust but this is an extermination. You are strange fruit! The ground is not quite suited for you. But since you must walk it you must work it. Their  new jobs don't fit you, the old ones were just fine. But brudda Mayslay won't work that line. So they may slay a brudda today make him tomorrow's headline, by this weekend shorty would be just another Tshirt.

Brudda Mayslay Brudda Mayslay, may  you slay yourself so you are pitted against your brother to prove who is better. Cuz its only one good nigga, a conquered one.
Brudda Mayslay Brudda Mayslay your mother weeps for you today cuz she knows what you fail to realize. You are killing yourself and making what they do to you irrelevant. So black bodies laid in the street from police brutality aint shit compared to black bodies laid in the street from senseless gang violence.
Brudda Mayslay I see you. I am you. And brother they wanna slay you. They want you laid out outlined in chalk. They want you facedown in someone's river since they can't own u, Brudda Mayslay Bruda Mayslay they cloud your image of self. You feel ugly and the story of the ugly duckling ain’t enough to fix your subconscious. They have subliminally drilled this image of the beauty in our minds since we were born and its not us. Brudda they slayed your tounge before you could talk. Before you could walk they had you huntchedback posted on the wall waiting for you to fall, so the king’s men could cart you off and imprison you.

Brudda Mayslay Brudda Mayslay the fairy tale that was depicted for you isn’t the reality, Aseops fables paint you in a better light. You are the decendents of kings! Minute reincarnations of Garvey, Malcom, and King.

My bruddah they once enslaved you, now that you are free don’t be dumb bruddah.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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