We all have our emotions,
our lighter and darker sides.
There is good and there is evil
which within us all abides.
Mankind is evolving,
a necessity to survive,
towards new heights of tolerance,
we slowly, surely strive.
Love and brotherhood ascending
heralding harmony's new day.
Look not to the outside,
for within us lies the way.
Banish bigotry and prejudice.
Resist jealousy and greed.
Justice and equality
must become our creed.
We all sail together
in a quickly sinking boat.
If we don't all turn to bailing
we won't long be afloat.
We must raze our seperating walls
and build bridges that will span
the differences between us.
If we really try, we can.
We must educate the ignorant
and light the torch of liberty.
With a hand up for our neighbors
we encourage unity.
Honor and duty are requisite
if men ever are to be
more than merely savages
just come down from a tree.
We need integrity and honor,
loyalty, duty and truth,
understanding and mercy,
justice and love, to conquer the uncouth.
As our Lord directed,
" I say unto thee,
love one another,
just as ye love Me."
If we banish the evil
hidden deep within the heart,
the ultimate age of man,
truly, then can start.
" All for one and one for all."
Is a shining goal to chase
and if we never get there,
we'll have run a worthy race.

This poem is about: 
Our world


Annette M Velasquez

Of course, I do not believe that humankind descended from a tree... I was speaking symbolically, and so as to adhere to the rhyme scheme. This is an older poem, but my sentiments are even more apt for today's world.

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