We still feel the sun’s burn after a long day.

We still smile when we see the rains come our way.

We still have the haunted eyes at the fire side.

We still, for those men who are long dead, abide.


Time has changed our edges.

Time has changed our wedges.

Time has changed our sun days.

Time has changed our blue bays.


The rivers still run with the roar of our spirits.

The wind still sings the haunting chords of our sonnets.

The trees still sway with the call of our lost voices.

The ground still holds with the strength of our cold gazes.


We fight to the bitter end.

We stand ready to defend.

We help each other greatly.

We stand tall with the barley.


We yell with a drawl.

We watch the night fall.

We live divided.

We stand united.


The air has mystery within her cast.

The winds ring with history’s still grasp.

The water still sings of sacred moments.

The grounds hold our forgotten opponents.


We are the long crossed

We are the silent lost.

We are the bloody.

We are the gutsy.


Time will forever ravage

our long forgotten visage.

We stand ready to fight here,

to protect those we hold dear.


We are the great hated.

We are the long fated.

We stand here as one blend

America shan’t bend.   


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