Menace in society


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The older generation talks about how we record everything and how we are always on social media but still has the right to comment under a video that's posted on social media and call us brain washed degenerates. 

Just because I was born in this generation that doesn't mean I'm a degenerate ignorant minded teen I am very intelligent and highly authentic. 
Kaffir, noun. If this Islamic religion meaning to be a non believer 
Kaffir, noun. An insult towards South Africans during the apartheid meaning "nigger" or to be dark in color 
We are the generation that has been forced to witness black on black crime and evidently  police brutality. 
Hero's turning into pigs and abiding authority to harm us
Fighting human against human 
Everyone wants to throw out the negatives when we're the generation of change, we want to make something better of this chaotic world. 
The older generation has laid this path down for us, the wrong doings of my generations blood is on their hands 
You have no one to blame but yourselves
You're so quick to judge us for smoking marijuana but wasn't the 80's crack rock central. 
You see what you don't understand is the problem isn't our generation it's the things we're exposed to. 
Don't blame my generation for just comprehending all you give us. Even if we interpret it the wrong way 
But how could drugs, sex and violence be wrongly interpreted
Either do or don't do  
We are the generation of success and knowledge. My generation didn't invent drugs and start gangs that the was all there before we came to be.
 Fingers are pointed at my generation for things we were just introduced to.
 It's like you giving me a gun and teaching me how to use it but when someone provokes me to use it on them you're like "oh my god how could you do that"
 you're the one who gave me the gun.
 You're the one who taught me to pull the trigger. 
This is my generation and I am proud to be apart of it. Your comments were you giving me the gun.  My gun is my mouth and the trigger is my tongue. The words I speak will make anyone think twice before judging who I am. I am apart of this generation. I make everything today the way it is. Not only me but anyone in my class of human beings but fair warning my words can be violent.
My hands are up, you will not pin it on me 
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