Marry Me (I Do)

Smile for me

As I smile for you

Listen to the music

We'll be making some real soon

Moonlight and stars

Decorate your eyes

I'll remember this night for the rest of my life

Hopefully you will as well


I'll work hard 

To let you know

Forever is the only place

That we shall go

I live and strive

For that heavenly glow

These words delivered do nothing but grow 

Making me


Cry for you

Write for you

Fight for you

I'll go ahead and die for you


Darling you're my goal 

Feel the heat all in my soul

Let this moment take us farther than we'll ever know

Please let me marry you


In my dreams 

We've met and danced

I ask for your love 

but you've slipped right through my hands

Beads of sweat when I awake 

No more regrets times what i'll make

Milleniums wont dare to come between 

What we've got it's you and me

Moments we've parted 

Won't do it again

The knife slashes the back when you lose that friend

and yes you're that friend

These wounds will not mend

This broken heart just can't descend

Your fingertips hold the medicine

Riles me up it's the beast within

When you're not near it's hard to pretend

That i'm not drifting from my emotions


I've seen you all alone 

In that 2-story home 

Please just let me know

If we can make way and solidify

Baby this is ride or die

We can make it better if we get together

We can start if you'll let me marry you


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