We Can No Longer Just Be Still

Every day

there’s a new tragedy

plaguing the headlines of newspapers and magazines

When did we forget how to love?

instead learn how to hate

ignore the problems present directly in front of our faces

with indifferent leaders refusing to make a change

to protect selfish interests


Connecticut to Las Vegas to Texas to Florida

every state, east to west

has faced the sorrow and heartache

of a nation’s unsolved problem


When did money become the priority

over the value of someone’s life?

What are you fighting for?

Who are you standing with?

How long will this take?

How many more incidents of violence?


There’s no excuse

no reason to support this easy

distribution of semi-automatic rifles

made with power to harm humans

there is no argument anymore

that ethically supports the Second Amendment

adopted in 1791

Can we agree it is slightly outdated?

When militia divisions actually existed

our founding fathers never envisioned

brutality would come to this


It is not taking away rights

It is about shielding the vulnerable and defenseless

It is about protecting:









and every individual that brings something authentic to this planet


Let’s look wickedness in the eyes

stand together to preserve the hearts of the innocent

we can no longer tolerate this intolerance


We need to drive out evil with pure love

eliminate hate with compassion

cast fear away with daily acts of kindness

be the voices of change

make the world a better place

instead of just waiting and claiming that someday we will


Let today be that day,

we embrace our differences

Lend our hands toward valuable and productive discussions

that in turn eliminate hostility and division


Legislation needs to change on Capitol Hill

we can no longer just be still

As the citizens of the United States of America

let true freedom ring

not burdened by these villainous chains


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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