Dear Numbers,

Dear Numbers,

You represent that which words can easily explain.  

You represent something lonely and lost. 


You are solitary objects that only result in a continual pattern

of more numbers to be defined. 


Numbers, also known as digits, formulas, records, and amounts-

amount solely to themselves.


Dear Words:


You represent that which numbers cannot provide. 

You represent something freeing and creative. 


You are secure and allow perspective, imagination,

and depth beyond the visible. 


Words are choices –

they determine a compilation of now’s, later’s and forevermore’s. 


Words spark thoughts,

and they are the key to truth in its purest form.


Similarities unify while differences separate. 

Numbers and words, you both tell a story.


Although your personalities are quite diverse, 

And your complexities at different levels-


Numbers and words,

You both go on forever. 

You are infinite; You last. 



words can do what numbers fall short of. 


Words can describe numbers- 

words can be numbers. 


Words can be anything. 

Numbers can only be what they are. 


As these words are on this page, 

flowing through my mind- I sit in my math class:


Pondering the beauty and completeness of how 

One word 

Can be so many things: 


Dear numbers,

Words are everything,


And they are alive.



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