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What kind of girl  Would i be  If i stayed crying over you While you sit  In your thrown of No dedication  And play video games
It’s hard to believe someone when they say they want you when you’ve spent your whole life knowing your an object for sex.
It’s hard to believe someone when they say they want you when you’ve spent your whole life knowing your an object for sex.
 I’m only a girl.Just fifteen. I go unnoticed if you know what I mean.For Boys look at me as if I where clear like I was never to appear.The Girls will never see me as their competition. As they neither see me in the hall where they just run into
I take drugs to feel good, boy.You lie like a liar should, boy.I don't trust, but who would, boy,after all I've been through?
Why Girls ... WHY ... ? Do You Like To TRY ... To MESS With The MINDS of .... " LOVING Guys " .... ?!?
"Let's Just Be FRIENDS !" NOW Those Are Words ... That KNOCK Most Men ... !!! IF They Come ... From Their Girlfriend ... !!! But When We Men ... Hit Girls With Them ...
What Is It With ... ... " Modern Women " ... ??? That Makes Men Want Them .... ? Cos' Women These Days ... Drive Men Round The Bend ... !!!!!
Why Do Young Boys Run Their Mouth ... ?!? Probably Cos' ... They've Got NOTHING Down South ... !!! So Let Me Explain What I'm Talking About ... Some Young Boys ACT Like They're ALL THAT ... !!!!
 I will always be here for you. I will be there for the late nights, the early mornings,  the breakdowns and the breakups. I know you don't love me. But, could you please just love my name on a screen?
i've been trying to forget you i've done an awful job i'm crying once again  at clair de lune.
i'm just so tired and angry and summer is closing in on me i wish i could just stop thinking about that dumb boy all fucking day i'm wasting away
i want you to tell me i'm the girl you can't get out of your head your muse your motivation the only one that matters at the end of it all before grabbing my face and kissing me slowly
I am not going to write about you. I am not going to write about him. I am not going to write about it. I am not going to write about me. I want to write about the world. I want to write about changes.
I climb out my window just to see if I can. My parents used to be police officers, no joke, yet here I am in the clubhouse of a legitimate gang.
Jinx knew she was in trouble when she saw his name flash across her screen. He, the almightly nail-painter, combat-boot-wearer, bipolar feelings-fucker, he needed her. I mean, she was assuming that's what this was about.
You and your ideas of luck and things that sad men sing and empty rooms bleed. There really wasn’t any need for you to be kind,
Cause things got so much harder on the west coast. When i moved here i realised i needed you most. One week i had a lover, the next, a ghost.
Girl to Woman I am just a girl. 12 years and 8 months old when my mother decided to leave. I am just a girl.
Debris of friendships:   Tomboy dressed obscure, playing sports while being coy. Girls were damsels, drama queens which I was no part of: you won’t catch me.
Tokens Every boy I know has left a piece of them in my life And  Some have taken chunks of my mental  Emotional Sanctifying being  Replaced by materials Tokens
Isaac, my siblings, and some other random kids are running in a field. We’re supposed to be playing tag, these kids and I, but my siblings know I don’t run and don’t expect me to.  
The scene begins The FIRST BOY waits Framed by shame and regret that hang around his neck like chains The DEVIL whispers in his ear You foolish foolish boy
  This is an ode to the boys who have hurt me. I will not talk about the ones who came before the ninth grade,
with their shiny hair and their beautiful laughs being around them is natural haven't i been around them all my life?   yet suddenly she is more attractive than the boy with his arm around my shoulder
i feel nothing as he puts his arm around my shoulder except for maybe discomfort   i don't understand why doesn't it make me feel excited or loved like the media says it should  
Sweating and smiling in spaghetti straps blowing bubblegum and peeling it off the edges of their lips, pruned, stretched, flattening it against the backs of their teeth and the corrugated roofs of their mouths. 
dear boy, tattooed over the heart of every girl are words that read thus: "handle with care" don't bore holes into her skin with your penile eyes: she's more to admire than trips to cloud nine
There's a boy I know That mostly sticks to his own, He doesnt speak much But hald assed insults, He closes his eyes More often than all of the time, Shy boy Quiet boy Tired boy.  
I hate the way she looks; But I want to look just like her. Her olive skin and dark hair, Her hips that curve wider and wider. But that’s her not me. She’s fake but I’m not good enough either.  
The Older Boys   I had always felt younger than all the other boys. My pretty pink Strawberry Shortcake bicycle, and long dirty blonde hair.
my past defines me, i am, the girl he keeps from his friends, a secret, not good enough, unheard
Is it over? This war that we have Is it over? Doesn't matter because you took my heart and threw it into a bulldozer   I don’t think I’ve ever been more sad
There was one more word I needed to say but he left before I could say it So I texted it to him It was Bye and he never responded It didn't even say he read it He had deleted my number
Anger Hate I want to be I want to do But I can't  Because it's you You make me feel these things Things I can't control And all of them different Love Hate Anger
Girls are great Girls are so pretty Girls are beautiful   Boys are dumb Boys are gross
Lacy undies on the cold tile floor,The delicate pink softly laying against the harsh reality. I do this every morning, you know I look at that lacy underwear and I wonder.  
The girls wore pink, and the boys wore blue The girls did ballet. and the boys played guitar. The girls wore makeup and jewelry and the boys wore jerseys and Nikes. The girls and the boys
dear boy i almost gave everything to, i am not a glistening bar of solid authentic gold, i am not a crystal clear 50 karat diamond, i am not a smooth pearl that shimmers in the sun.   i am a ruby.
Don't trust the boy with pretty eyes and soft hands. The boy that does card tricks to try to impress you. Who's soft hands gripped your waist in the best way as you straddled him in his front seat. Don't trust the boy who seems like the best choic
You are my rock. When I need you, you're always there. You are like a blanket from my childhood. When I need your comfort you are there to wrap around me. You are like the ocean.
  I watched you, You stood amidst a crowd of people, shivering from the wind that blew Your edges were ripped and your color fading, I could smell your fear from so far away, it was pervading,
The Earthly Angel The dying blue planet, his home, without True Pink Had not one to love him, not one to form a link.  
People ask you why you like him Why did you choose him above everyone else? You smile slowly It isn’t a simple question So there isn’t a simple answer
Loving is listening-  every way you move converts my eyes to indescribable glistening.  You never take for granted or advantage of the effort, when life gets tough, you are always there as my comfort.
You told me you didn’t have room On your phone that was true But even more so in your heart So, I you asked for my number And I handed you my heart   I texted you first In just three hours
Boys are a gun. Loud, abrasive, harmful, and apparent. Girls are a knife. Silent, gentle, lethal, and hidden. Everybody kills in the game of love.
Show, don’t tell, They say in every English class ever But who are they to Hold me with a binding tether   My life is my own
A young beautiful girl, Who fell in love with a poison, It stripped her of everything she loved, And kept her all to his greedy self, Yet she continued to sip up all the lies,
Boys be comin around Trying to get some Act like they have an anaconda Bitch please you can't fit in a condom You're playing these head games
Giving, giving, giving, giving, giving, no take I thought that just for once, my heart would catch a break Break as in rest, but instead the shit shattered
He had eyes green as lily pads, And a heart, large as the pond outside his grandad’s house Where we splashed and squealed as children.
Every time I meet my knight in shining armor He gets on his horse and leaves. Am I not deserving of my Prince Charming? Because as soon as I begin to feel like a queen
You used to take my breath away with just a single glance, Suddenly appearing behind me, You'd beg me to slow dance.   I was captivated by your confidence, And eagerness to impress,
We weren't friends at first.I only spoke to you when I seen you in the halls.We weren't friends.Or we weren't enemy's. One day one of my close friends had asked you who you liked.My name seemed to have came out of your mouth.As soon as class was o
You're the one i want to tell all my secrets to  I want my fears to dissipate when I'm with you 
every time you pay me mind i think i'll find  a new light in your eyes and every time you brush by i think you might decide to hold me tight but every time i think i'm right you kindly remind 
My brain is always three steps ahead of my fingers and my soul is three steps ahead of my brain   I find my fingers bleeding from the letters scribbled across veins   and tea spills the river of dawn
To all the boys  who might fall in love  Please take caution  I'm no angel from above  This is a warning  Do not take it lightly  Don't let your ego inflate 
You were in my life before I even knew,  A boy who sat quietly two seats away. With your glasses and your sweet little smirk,  You took my world by the reigns. A pure smile and delightful tone, 
I looked our old messages, and suddenly it all made sense. People don’t appreciate that kind of thing unless they understand it, and the only way you can understand it is through experience.
You’re everywhere, No matter where I’m at I can feel your stare, Following me like my shadow, your eyes trace my every move, I do not know the reason, or what it is that you’re trying to prove,
With trembling hands and a runaway heart, I finally confess He was never good for me.  Over time, The lacerations He left became
I lie here and I think about what we could of had, you were like a puzzle to me that I wish to put together you always seemed down, and I wanted to bring you up you seemed to be lost, and I thought I found you
she would kill for a moment behind your eyes but would that make her a sinner? how beautiful your blossoming mind must be if even your foggy words stir with her the love she thinks is 10,000 daisies,
Rose colored glasses Rose coloured glasses My heart was like the desert, so I always kept a pair Hoping they would show me your rain So my roses could grow again But you were just another sandstorm
You were once the man that made my smile grow wide,But now you're the man that makes my smile die.Every time I see you, my heart decides to break.Every time I remember you, my organs inside me ache.I'll never forget those really good times, when w
It is boys like you who consciously Brainwash girls And preach how “natural” is better And overly sexualize her body as if they weren’t a breathing human
There was a summer long ago Endless days, filled with space We played and swam and knew no woe Never left the monopoly board My friend was Tommy; I still see his face. Full of grace, just thirteen years
Soon she will march in through that door, And my head will be struck by the abrupt reminder, A painful thunderbolt reminding me of our repulsive love, The sight of her prompts the formation of indescribable feelings in me.
He is the crisp air between my browsgolden rays highlightthe brown husks of his eyesthese eyelids flutter closedhis voice humbles me,like the leaves spiraling in the wind(a sound meant only for the moment).
When I was 13, a boy told me this is how you kiss, that gifts show affection, and that this is love.    I started laying bricks down.  
This is what it feels like to be hurt. To have the breath knocked out of you, Whith a word or two you killed me And as I sit here typing I realize You broke me. I realize you took from me.
all the boys be chasin,  even thoe i be take'n,  i say no and start to go, but they just dont know,  that i'm already dating and i got a boy wait'n, 
I don't believe that I've ever seen Eyes quite like yours I thought they were blue But maybe they're green? Wait, now they're both I'm not sure what to think.  Look straight ahead, 
I like green apple jolly ranchers, and I am different I told them I yearned for him to pick me out To see me as separable Identifiable I did not enjoy the glorified blue raspberry Hell no
And this is just another poem, One of many, About you. Your elusive ways and how you make me wonder How you can hide your emotions So well. Or not have any left at all.
My hunger survives off your belligerent smile, as it puts the blazing sun up in my sky It's those nonsensical possibilities you whisper which floods my being with your eyes
Young Men like popping the semen off word is borne dese boys illin for temporary feelings Niggas wanna swim in oceans.they cannot levitate their filthy mind altering states to comprehend and wait tooh masturbate
There was a boy that I loved. The way he looked at me made all of my problems disappear. The way his lips felt against mine, made time stop around us.
so sweet so damn sweet all loving cuddle craving and then romance and those hot times you made be feel good about myself but I don't think you feel good about yourself  
there was a boy whose uncle
             He called me a hopeless romantic. He said that I was naïve for wanting someone to love me like the sun loves the moon, And he turned up his nose when I said that I wanted kisses like the stars because they are
He said they slept together They believed him
It's been 7 long months since the last time I saw him.  7 long months since I've kissed him, since ive hugged him.  I used to think that I couldn't live without him, but I realized I can. 
't u dare blow me a kiss and call me loser. I'm trying to be mad at u but now I'm smiling at a text. U say, 'u can't be mad at me' And I say, 'why's that?'
Your grey shield Shimmers in the sunlight, as it guards your fiery red heart, from my hopeless blue heart   My bold black shield twinkles in the darkness, camoflauging your
I am from you.
Don’t fall in
there's this boy and i love him like a letter loves it envelope and my heart aches like too much christmas when i see him walking down the hall and he keeps   his     eyes
Dreams are just DreamsUntil you make them soarA Wish is just a WishUntil you fight to make it happen
Why fails love to be content unto itself?   To have loved is to have loved.  
Throw away those super hero t-shirts and draws, Take a look at these women in their bras. Trade in those sketchers, And let's get you some J's, Cut that ponytail off And get a fade.
Make a list of all the things in your house that can kill you.   Have you ever had someone tell you they love youand then tell you it was a lie? Abandonment seems to be the necessary process for existance. Bleach.
The minds of feeble boys Boisterous  Unbalanced  Braggadocious Blaming  bonds bought by bad bargaining- Instead of the one who's done the negotiation
You texted me hey and I felt butterflies accumulate in my stomach The effect you have on me, like the slam of the ocean on the waves Relentless,  powerful, the continuous crash as I think about you I want you
  Boys without fathers,
It was like drowning in the darkness of the seemingly desolate ocean Lit only by the odd glimmer of moonlight The odd sparkle of his eyes I can swim, but I didn't want to
I feel sick. Sick of myself. Sick of my life.
Friday you come home from college full of stories describing your drunken antics, a new affinity for the Spanish language, and ambitions destined to take you far away from me. for a moment,
The sunshines through your eyes I swear they’re made of gold Blue stained with crystal, leading to stories of the soul I think of you almost every hour, nothings really changed
I loved you so much I thought I could never let go I thought these were true feeling that you showed  but I know now and ive started to grow
I loved you so much I thought I could never let go I thought these were true feeling that you showed  but I know now and ive started to grow
He'll beat you with secrets He'll be drunk off lies You'd be a fool to fall into his trap   I know I cannot control you Your life is yours to live Experiment with your set of boys in
Now the days of sufering have gone away The feeling of depression is still with me  When I try to live my life day by day It gets ruined by a bully   When he calls me names I play no games
I asked him once if he narrates things in his head The way that I do The way that We. Do. "GIRLS," society screams, "LOVELY, LONELY, UNKNOWINGLY BEAUTIFUL GIRLS!"
                                                Husky throats,
Four years. Four years and you're letting go, not me. I desired to keep you. Like the folded up piece of paper that you placed in an envelope and sealed with your wax kisses.
I yell when I'm hungry I yell when i'm sad I yell all the time, even when I'm mad But most of all, I yell at you
I see you looking at me,
you kept me on your shelf wondering what's wrong with myself
This one's for the girls because the boys were never good e
Roses are red  but not as red as the sunset in my dreams,  where we're sitting together on the beach, laying, cuddling in the warmth of the ending day Violets are blue
Why am I so hung up on a stupid message It's nothing I'm nothing At least to him... But what if we did Look each other in the eyes Remember each other at night
Everyday it's the same thing I look at you- you look at me, We laugh at all the craziness  around us I text you " Hey " or " i just seen the  funniest thing and it made me think  about you '
'Twas but an hour, the brighest hour, the simplest, livliest moment.   Out like a flame, Out was my security, out was my thirst for life.   And I hated you
I let a boy dictate my happiness. I let a boy wiggle his way into my heart. I let him rest along the softest parts.
All I wanted was to feel wanted. I thought you felt the same way, but the feeling wasn't mutual. If anything, it probably never was.  Out of it all, I was probably a piece of ass.
Woke Up with my legs open and my mind crossed. "Boys sure do like me" "boys like me" "like me" "me" Boys like to suck me dry. my being, my spirit, my soul;
You get a million chances.
I ripped myself apart for you and called it love. 
I was homesick for places; now I'm homesick for you. 
I want you naked, I want you naked with clothes so that I can unbutton your imagination, unzip your wildest fantasies and make your dreams come true.
I love you. And I'm leaving. And you say my name like a prayer and you say "She'll visit" like you're trying to convince yourself.
Would you go back to the start with me? Just for tonight, would you erase our history and the things we said and everything we did and became? Would you take tonight with me and pretend we’re meant for each other?
Dear Joel. You married a gorgeous redheaded girl and I quit loving you the way I have since I was six. You were the first person to show a misunderstood little girl true kindness. You were my hero.
I traced the line of your jaw,  The slope of your lips,  And each curving eyelash,  Searching, For the reset button,  That would bring you back to me.
Most of the time We try to look at someone else's eye's Try to understand through their covered lies But what we do not realize Viens throb from shameless drugs that mezmorize When their mama cries
We're expected to not go out alone at night, to close our legs, be feminine, submissive,
“Boys will be boys”, they say As if somehow their biological makeup is an excuse that allows them to comment on my cosmetic kind As if what hangs between their legs allows them to get in between mine
(…for AJ) It took a thousand men to get him to the Mic And Mike, he stood on the table dancing for joy Though it would have been better if he had danced To his heartbeats seconds before the men conquered.
Because men would rather gain respect from men than from women It has become apparent that the fight for better treatment in relationships is futile
To be LOVED by ONE Man is better, than to be LIKED by HUNDREDS of Boys. 
i’ve always been a hopeless romantic,
i’ll tear your touch right off my skin, wipe your kiss off of my lips, blink away all sights of you, rip every little
little fire, lick me with your seductive flames. soothe me with
i once met an angel in a devil's disguise. i could never figure out why he'd cover his wings and replace them with ice-cold shoulders that stung at the touch,  or why he traded his warm,
Fuck first semester And financial aid and scholarship applications and just money in general. And the 3.5 I needed if I wanted to come back. And my parents. And money And society for revolving around money
I don't have the words anymore. They escape my mind as freely As they once rolled off my tongue. I don't know what happened But somewhere between then and now You took my whole world and flipped it
You string me up like I'm something special.
Flirting is a dance.  A delicate balance of movements and grace using body language and words. A lie within a lie within a lie. You know it's effecting you when you're hyper aware of your pulsing heart.
5'8 107 Pounds 23" waist Yes I'm SKINNY Does my outer appearance bother you? I'm happy with my body rather you like it or not. All you are worried about is TITS and ASS.
I once told him that it was okay, I’ve been called worse.
 Truth is, I hadn’t.
 And when he hugged me and apologized
The heart beats like a thousand drums When in the face of inquiry to another A yearning soul heard over melodious hums
The way he held me made me realize That perhaps I was capable of feeling something like love.  Not the sappy, uniformed kind; some raw, passionate almost illegal sort of love. When he looked at me,
I'm back, but I'm falling apart I'm back, but I'm lacking the heart, That I need to keep movingAnd what do I think I'm proving? Starving for attentionReceiving it in the form of tension,
I miss you,  because without you, my life feels like, a punch in the gut,  a curse word yelled in the middle of a public prayer, falling,  falling hard, 
You were my oversight and it wasnt intentional not on purpose.
I'm not sure what is worse falling out of love  or realizing that there's nothing left   I wouldn't wish it on anyone, no not even my worst theres too much involved to easily forget
aviator shades cookie cutter heartbreaks petty girls pretty girls and  superficial fakes. I've been tring to figure out  what it is that makes their worlds go round
Sweaty palms when I see him, I can't even stand up straight. Give me a break, I want to give him my heart to take. Or to break. I need to shake this is feeling. Go ahead girl, 
She was wild, Without a care in the world. She ran shoe-less Through an amusement park. Went on all the rides That were beyond her thrill. She caught him looking Through the window of the food lane
I've decided that your butterflies 
In my sleep I dreamt it was day.
when I'm in your armsi feel safe and surreal
Why do I like you? Why do I like anyone?  More importantly, why Why do I like any guy? Any boy? I'm rarely attracted to anyone. But why you?   What's different? Let's see.
  To whom do we owe the pleasure of your enchanting spewing graceful nature?   Around which many gather themselves, a crowd to applaud your short comings, and possibly a cheer or two.  
  A girl loves seven different men in her lifetime.
You use to be fascinated by love, asking after it as if it was a treasure map printed on the base of your spine: it seemed like everyone elses knew exactly direction to go , while you spun in circles.
Do you ever think about me the way I think about you? Ever wonder how I've been like I do? What happened do being "FRIENDS" forever? But nothing more Was it all just a lie.... Was I just leaving in a dream 
My body fills with joy as the grease fills my mouth, I know that in an hour it will come out my south. Friends to my left and friends to my right, we bought enough meat to last us a fortnight.
My eyes light up when i talk about Him, My heart lights up when He's near. The first thing on my mind in the morning, The last thought dancing in my head at night. The way my hand fits in his, like a puzzle piece.
  I saw you today, Surprisingly I was okay. I didn’t want to cry or question why, I’m fine that you aren’t mine. I didn’t know what I saw, Or why I would miss you, I could even risk you.
Am I a game?  That's what it seems like to me. See, they play me for some quick entertainment. Then some other interesting game gets hot. Then im left on the shelf wanderng, damn.        Am        i boring? Am i scratched? Whats my worth?
Like December, Like tomorrow's coming down, Shaking snowflakes to the ground, While you're waiting in bed some more, Cuz in November you were falling all around, Leaves of every color now,
I know that we've barely met, but I've got feeling I don't regret. I never really believed in love at first sight, but now I'm glad I can call you mine
Rules. Are meant to be broken. Promises. Are meant to be kept. Secrets. Are meant to be told. Friendships. Are meant for you to hold. Relationships. Aren't always perfect.
It's not what you did, it's that you didn't tell me that you and your boyfriend have been doing the dirty best friends from eight grade on, do you even care? I can't believe that you left me so unaware.   
As if it weren't enough, to choke up all my trust friends are foe, boys come and go, the clothes I wear lack lust. Come to school and "look a fool" go home then start again.
Crow’s Ink  
A word that many kids seem to take advantage of Who really knows the meaning of love? Teens are too naive to realize the main truth Guys don’t understand the meaning, we aren’t sleuths
i was taking stroll across a tightropeit spanned the greatest of cumulus cloudsi walked back and forthday by day, hoping that eventually i would be struck down  Then lightning clapped like the hands of godand i fell and cried as i fellbecause i th
It hurt, When you let me go. It hurt,Because I didn’t know It would be so soon I should’ve listened toWhat everyone said. You only wanted one thing.
He'll always be that guy, And he'll never be that guy, He'll always take my breath away even just for a second. And he'll never carry me away even just for a second.   It'll always mean everything.
Not sure what we are,neither are you.We've never met, yet..I feel very close to you.We have much in common, i'll say that.But I feel like there is one thing,that is holding us back. 
My canvas needs paint My prison needs bars The light sheds through the darkness The darkness that has kept me in the shadows for 9 withering months Paint the colors of the rainbow on her canvas
For all the heartbroken teenage poets whose hearts are filled with unspoken rhymes, for the lovelorn adolescent authors whose beloved words are spoken out of time,
All these little boys trying to get what you got love, money, sex, std, durgs, and game sad to say thats the world we live in babies having babies not ready for the time that baby will bring
Started from a text now we’re here Started from a text now we got all this right here Never did I know that we were going to get this far Our first time on the phone I was nervous Our first time kissing I was melting
She looks his way, A small, gentle smile on her face. A big, beautiful smile is looking back. She laughs, Though she doesn't know why. “What's so funny?” he asks sweetly. “Nothing,” she replies, smiling.
I'm tired of listening But I'm willing to listen About the two guys Both vying for you You know I don't Want to hear about it all And get mad when I tell you what I feel About the boys
Slowly slipping away from the surface, gasping for a quick breath of air. You try to pull me under but you keep drifting farther away.
Boys trying to get with me But don't know nothing about me Trying to please their friends Just trying to smack my body at the wrong times Instead of trying to talk to me and have a nice conversation
They're all the same They want to two-time They lie They're selfish They don't care They're all dumb They're all ugly But this one He's beautiful He's smart He cares about me
I left thee in the waters of my cold and crashing words they descended on you- dark and foaming- as the world’s most bitter storm how dare you say good-bye! how dare you leave me to rot!
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