On Being Vulnerable

The scene begins

The FIRST BOY waits

Framed by shame and regret

that hang around his neck like chains

The DEVIL whispers in his ear

You foolish foolish boy

Opening up will make true what you fear

The camera pans

The SECOND BOY pulls up 

Wheels on old sidewalk

His steed, a golden minivan

The First Boy gets in

They drive

The camera moves with them, shifting lanes

The First Boy begins to fret 

His neck coiled by sins

He wants to be unclapsed

The shot changes

The Second Boy speaks up 

What's going on?

Close up 

A tear releases 

His pain like a pet

gnaws at the First Boy's bones

He utters a few words to the driver

before his chains shatter to pieces

The camera follows

His voice strains 

I just don't want to be sad anymore 

The Second Boy listens

The First Boy is unhallowed

The Devil is silenced 

The chains are broke

And everything

is a little brighter 

Fade to black



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