Mon, 02/16/2015 - 21:40 -- eburden

The sunshines through your eyes I swear they’re made of gold

Blue stained with crystal, leading to stories of the soul

I think of you almost every hour, nothings really changed

I get scared sometimes though that we will stay the same

The story in the dark, untouched and left untold

Letting our feelings drown, frozen and shatterd in the cold

My father doesn’t approve, but it seems he never will

If you’re going to run I’ll run as long as we don’t stand still

Seems most of this is terrifying, using words in a mine field

I seize to understand, what’s the big deal?

I’m 17 now, I am not young and naive

Some things I speak you must trust but still you don’t believe

I prove and I cry, and hopelessly wonder

Why am I in a low, with such rain and thunder?

He’s the one I want don’t you get it, can’t you see?

I’m not such a child anymore, let me be free

Seeing you will never change, I’ll wait for him you’ll see

And if it’s truly love, what’s meant to be will be


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My family
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