Where'd He Go

There was one more word I needed to say

but he left before I could say it

So I texted it to him

It was Bye and he never responded

It didn't even say he read it

He had deleted my number

So I went to his house to tell him

But a lady answered the door

One I had never seen before

He had moved away

So I sent a letter to him

But it came back unopened

It said No Such Address

So I hired a skywriter

But when I asked a mutual friend

If he had seen it

She said he was vacationing in Africa

He had left me behind

So I got on a boat to go there

But when I got there it was too big

And none of the zebras said they had seen him

He must have left before I got there

So was about to go back home

when he walked up to me

I said Finally

I Was Looking For You Everywhere

He said You Followed Me To Africa

You Must Really Love Me

He proposed in the middle of the savanna

So I told him what I'd been wanting to since forever it seemed

I told him Bye


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