"Seeing you


I saw you today,

Surprisingly I was okay.

I didn’t want to cry or question why,

I’m fine that you aren’t mine.

I didn’t know what I saw,

Or why I would miss you,

I could even risk you.

You had a label,

That I wouldn’t disable.

People told me,

But I couldn’t see.

You ment a lot to me.

Who knew a phone call could change everything.

I thought I’d be sad,

But I was more mad.

Make it cliché...

Over the phone you say?

That’s okay,

I was going to break up with you anyway.

You just took my fame away.

That’s why I wasn’t okay.

You stood me up,

Time after time.

To me, you weren’t worth a dime.

I would leave you at a drop of a pen,

Oh how I could remember when.

I said I love you, Time after time,

But to you saying it was a crime.

Was I not good enough?

Your enough wasn’t enough to trust.

I looked up to you,

Literally and emotionally too.

I know this is long,

But my feelings are so strong.

I’ve wanted to tell you for so long.

I wanted it to be decent,

Yet you made it more recent.

It started on the phone,

And we went on and on

It ended in a call,

When I was left with nothing at all.

I don’t need you anymore,

But my heart is sore. 


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