Mister 1, 2, 3...


A girl loves seven different men in her lifetime.

The very first is her father. This is the one man in the entire world she can always count on. She will love him from the moment when she first opens her eyes to the moment she dies.  Her and her father may fight every now and then, but they love each other dearly. She may not know it, but her father will always be right, especially when it comes to dealing with the boys that she will sooner or later meet in the future.

The cheater. Every girl dates someone who is not faithful in the relationship. She may know or she may not know what her man is doing behind her back. Strangely, she will continue to see him as the perfect man he once was. At first, she will be in denial about his wrongdoings, and she will continue to forgive him. It will not be until she finally forgets this douchebag that she will end up realizing that she had been wrong all along.

The closet jerk. This guy at first seems like the perfect guy who has come along at the perfect time, but surely, he is not. He puts on a front that makes him seems like the sweetest guy in the world, yet it is all just an act. The only thing that he wants is to keep another pretty girl in line while he’s dating someone else. In the end, he will just be another mistake. 

The uncommitted. This type of guy is the biggest flirt there is. He likes to talk to all the girls he sees, whether he is in a relationship or not, and likes to keep each one on a hook. He uses the same type of pick-up lines on every girl, and sees each one who buys his talk as a prize. However, he is scared of commitment, and he will end up breaking his girl’s heart.

The clinger. This man is overly attached to his girl. He likes to call her on the phone, text her when she’s asleep. Which are all good things of course, but enough is enough! Sometimes, he even goes to extremes by tracking his girl down when she is not with him. All he wants to do is spend time with her, but he never leaves her alone for more than a second. He suffocates her with his love and this causes her to run away.

The bad boy. All of daddy’s good girls are attracted to such hot rods. This kind of guy likes to test his boundaries, experiment with breaking the law, and reveals his stupidity by getting caught all of the time. He gets girls left and right because of his reputation, but he always treats them the same. Like dirt. Deep down in his heart, he may care for his girl, but he will never treat her like the princess she is.

Finally, there is the one. This is the man that girl will love for the rest of her life. She will either marry him or let him be the one that got away. Their relationship does not make sense, yet it works. The love that they have for each other will be everlasting. And it will be so powerful that mountains will move just to get a glimpse of the two of them.




Let me know what you think!


Let me know what you think!

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