The Magician

He is the crisp air between my brows
golden rays highlight
the brown husks of his eyes
these eyelids flutter closed
his voice humbles me,
like the leaves spiraling in the wind
(a sound meant only for the moment).

there is a longing for connection
but it only exists in the realm of desire

She says,
          I only wish to know you
knowing is the trick of the trade

breathing air back into my lungs

I need not believe in grasping
when there is nothing to own here

I am the perfect lover

the observer
        the conqueror

of obsessive questions

Don’t come any closer,

I envy the sojourner's tales
amor the laughter you share with the world -

You are the light I hope for at the end of this tunnel,
the fleeting perfection I need to hope for

as heavenly as this moment is,
the quintessence of love comes in it’s rifts of change.
you are the entity of my aspirations-
far fetched and completely out of my league
please don’t ever return the favor,
it would ruin everything.


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