It is boys like you

It is boys like you who consciously

Brainwash girls

And preach how “natural” is better

And overly sexualize her body as if they weren’t a breathing human

And trap them in distorted reality to think each other as competitors

And try to falsely educate them that no one will love them

Because of a number on a plastic, glass $20 scale from Target


It is boys like you who aggressively

Assault girls

You assume that a roofie is in need for tonight’s immodest event

You decide that this is all fun and games, predator vs prey

You felt the need to strip away the identity of this girl is survival of the fittest

You ended up dumping her empty body on the street

And have her be found by bystanders that could have saved her


It is boys like you who submissively

Attack girls

That types “You’re ugly and fat,” to a 100 pound, 16 year old girl on Instagram

That tells his boys that she is a slut because she did not give it up to you

That points out how emotions are a sign of “weakness”, not strength

That says she asked for it, because she wore that little black skirt that

Made her felt empowered and sexy in her own skin


It is boys like you who actively

Hates girls

Because she was not interested in a relationship

Because society won’t let you have feelings like her

Because the girls in real life aren’t like the one in your porngraphic fantasies

Because you don’t understand why you are friendzoned

As if every girl you meet will automatically want to suck your dick


It is boys like you who subjectively

Degrade girls

Who live their life to the fullest

Who try to live with positive intentions

Who express themselves through knowledge and appearance

Who auras reflect specks of rare iridescent gems

That each hold up a value that cannot be bought


It is a boy like that who violently

Destroys girls

He appears as the prince but ends up being a monster

He throws you around like a doll, mentally and physically

He tells you he loves you but his actions says otherwise

He wants you to know that no one else will deal with your shit besides him,

As if you can’t be an independent being that can live for your own self

Don’t be that boy

This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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