It's not what you did, it's that you didn't tell me

Sat, 11/02/2013 - 12:33 -- Vacrach


It's not what you did, it's that you didn't tell me

that you and your boyfriend have been doing the dirty

best friends from eight grade on, do you even care?

I can't believe that you left me so unaware. 


I am no God, I am in no heaven, it's not my right to judge

but deep in my heart it's hard not to hold this grudge.

They say action are louder than words, but your lack there of has got me feeling down

you know i told you everything but it turns out it's not the other way around


so this has me wondering, should i even try? 

does our friendship mean anything, or will you let it die?

for months you kept part of yourself away from me

i guess you think a lair is something a best friend should be. 


So maybe these words will set my feelings free,

but the truth is, it's not what you did, it's that you kept it from me. 



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