Let and Give

I let a boy dictate my happiness.

I let a boy wiggle his way into my heart.

I let him rest along the softest parts.

I let him pick and pry and scrutinize the interests that i have, the beliefs that I believe, the very skin that my soul is encased in.

I let a boy take and take and think it's perfectly alright to not give anything back.

I let a boy love me too little because I loved him too much.  

And that's always the problem. When the desperation isn't equal, one leaves and the other is left. 

One is believed to be free and the other is beaten, sinking into the ground, bleeding of loss.

It doesn't matter if you gave them the best parts of yourself. It doesn't matter if you tried or you were good or you did everything they asked to be done.

I gave it all up

for the most humanly feeling possible

but that didn't matter.

I let him strip me I let him taint me I let him screw me.

So, I let him leave me.

Because he is not as good as it's ever going to get.  


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