I watched you,

You stood amidst a crowd of people, shivering from the wind that blew

Your edges were ripped and your color fading,

I could smell your fear from so far away, it was pervading,

So much commotion, yet you were unable to move, stuck there, in the ground,

Didn’t he ever tell you, “a pretty girl like you should never have to frown”?

But wait, that was back when the two of you were “talking,”

And now you’re all alone pretending it doesn’t hurt and mocking,

His actions were questionable, his intentions unknown,

Little did he know you were attachment prone,

You searched for love in all the wrong places,

Tried to find meaning in emotionless faces,

Yet the strongest love comes from within you, self-love is the most powerful love of all,

Because when you are all alone, who is going to be there to pick you up from your fall?

Unroot yourself from the hole that you’ve thrown yourself into,

Your world isn’t as dark as you think, I promise, it is sky blue,

Hold your head up high again, look to the sun and grow,

Because darling, you’re a flower, didn’t you know?





This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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