Little Black Book

You used to take my breath away with just a single glance,

Suddenly appearing behind me,

You'd beg me to slow dance.


I was captivated by your confidence,

And eagerness to impress,

What once felt like an easy romance,

Now, a never-ending game of chess-


Ignoring me one day and saying hi the next,

Made me question our every encounter,

You kept me so perlexed.


Continuously keeping me on a string,

Your ego, your biggesty concern.

I prayed you'd put your pride aside,

Hopeful one day you'd learn.


When you texted me "I miss ya",

I wore my heart on my sleeve,

But you had no intention of hanging out,

Can't believe I was that naiive. 


Keeping me in your back pocket,

Was all apart of your plan,

I foolishly waited and wasted my time,

Giving you the upper hand.


There was a time my knees grew weak

Whenever you came near,

But my fantasy

Was no longer reality--

It hadn't been for two years..


Don't try to reel me back again,

This time, I won't be there--

I was silly to think you were the one,

And so now, I'm looking elsewhere


At one time I thought we were destined to be,

But there is so much I overlooked--

I'm not here at your convenience,

Cross my name out of your little black book.



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