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When you look at me, What do you see? You see long, brown hair,You see big, blue eyes.You see crooked teeth with braces,You see a curved forehead with pimples. When you look at me,What do you see?
That perfect caption -  it's all I need to say.  It tells the world what I'm doing,  where I'm at, when I'll be away.  That corresponding picture  (damn I look so fine!)
"Girl, you might as well just stop" Well , I dont believe I ever asked you When were you ordained the power of God to delegate what I can and what I cant do?
The Way I walk and the way I talk Flawless The way I rock my hips and dip Flawless
A pale white mask sits all alone Waiting to be put on and waiting to be shown. Hidden behind it is an identity unknown The flaws and imperfections everyone loathes.
Hands swiping the screen Hot, sweaty fingers ruining the perfectly delicate smooth glass shield of the device Two pairs of eyes, feeling the burn of the blinding light
Mirror mirror on the wall,who's the brightest star? Who has the talent and looks to win it all?
I just woke up, my hairs a stickn mess With a flip of da wrist, I'm bringing sexy back Its 0 degrees outside, my cars still warm I parked in a garage, eat that Running late to school, teachers late
It took me years to realize that I’m more than just a comparison,A comparison to a magazine cover, to a GPA, to a friend or to a sibling.I’m not you, I’m not him, I’m not her… I’m me.  I’m just me.And I, am flawless.
You tell me I am flawed
Perfection; The most desired thing, The all-consuming and pointless thing, That so many obsess and hurt themselves over.   There are so many things we all want to change,
I am my scars They paint my body, and my heart A story for the reader If they can see it   The one on my wrist from petting a cat Visiting a shelter, holding death I went despite my allergies
My body is a temple built upon rolling hills that collide with the clouds and can almost touch the sky. My body is a temple full of growth, sunshine, green pastures, and sweet melodies.
There are times in life where I
When you were little, you were small. Everyone was. When you were little, no one cared about the size of your jeans, Just the size of your dollhouse and the shape of your backyard
I play softball,
I'm lost in a world that wants to bring me down
Being impeccable is over-rated, unattainable, impossible, and even outdated. I prefer my goofy smile,  and my spontaneous, overbearingly hectic lifestyle, over that of a life monotonous with perfection.  
To be brought and to age      in a world of masks To be raised and trained      to forge my own To be afraid to be without it   At the end of the day      I'm still me
I was broken. Shattered.
I see hope. I see light. I see a love For life that might Hide deep inside His heart, Beneath pain and sorrow That tears him apart.   I hear cries. I hear sobs.
I am a paradox with skin and bones. The Sleeping Repunzel you pass in the hall way.
I have feet that graze the ground with each step I take.   Legs so powerful that carry my weight   and knees that allow them to bend.   I have a stomach that supports the innermost parts of me
The people that reside here in this mess Would have you believe
Twenty photos taken Ten are deleted Five are retaken Ten show the camera’s reflection on my glasses The other five look hideous: My baby cheeks seem to be bulging; My skin is flushed out;
I am flawlessly flawed and that’s why I’m awed to be in this world created by God. Every hair on my head, even the ones still messy from bed, Are exactly where he meant them to be.  
She knew there are other things that I am thankful for. But there is this one object that she has to thank more.
Look at me. Do you see me? Or do you see this mask of foundation that i am wearing. I am not this wig that you see
The  secret  to sucess is what makes me flawless Confidence is key to a certain degree. When you keep your chin up and get back in the stirrup. Nobody can slow you down.  
Flawlessness Confidence within Free from manipulation Self empowered, justified pride Autonomous
The images flashing across TV screens,
Flawlessness. Confidence within. Free from manipulation. Self empowerment, justified pride. Autonomous.
Flawlessness. Confidence within. Free from manipulation. Self empowerment, justified pride. Autonomous.
I use to feel so disgusted by those hurtful words telling me that I wasn't pretty enough  slim enough 
Its purpose is to make a flawless shape Aren’t we as humans like a shape it makes? With arms, legs, head and hair To fit the dimensions that make us so fair.   Except this cookie cutter cannot will not,
BORING ANNOYING LOUD AWKWARD FAT UGLY  and every bad thing inbetween You are not important You are not part of the league
What is it about me that speaks and spreads love? That admiration I seek is a gift from above that not only do I give, but I expect nothing in return well...sometimes... but that's another lesson learned.
I am flawless I am perfect  There is not one thing    wrong                                        strange                                        terrible
I can see the world above 
From her curly hair, to her short cocoa legs  she was flawless  Her brown eyes were soft and innocent  but yet, they were flawless  From the way she spoke with powerful words,
  It’s tough when you’re forced to grow up in a world Where Barbies are standards for each little girl I’ve had too many friends feel they’re less than they are
My darling, you are so beautiful. The word for your flawlesness has not yet been invented  your beauty spills lawlessly  forward
I am a Goddess My confidence orbits the sun Some may see my abundance of self-love as conceit They would be undoubtedly wrong I am simply in touch with my inner Deity
A line of coal across the lid A swipe of black added to the lash Loose curls cascading down Don't look in the mirror they said Conceited
Born beautiful, I am the epitome Of self-confidence
Flawless. The girl on the cover of the magazine, The one who was created with photoshop, The one who sees the magazine and doesn't see herself. Flawless. The all-state basketball star,
We all believe we are flawed; in some way, shape, or form. 
Age is but a state of mind, Ignorance is bliss but makes us blind. The true beauty hidden in plain view, To be plucked from a tree and birthed anew. A Juliet in every Apple's seed,
Something to be heard My voice is something to be heard. It carries soul, passion, and courage. It can be used for good, bad, and ugly.
I wouldn't change a thing about the world Because if it wasn't for the curelness I wouldn't have been the beautiful woman I am today I wouldn't say I'm flawless to the eyes that lay on me
I was made like this; created by a higher power, who took much of her or his time to make sure she or he got all of this right.
What is beauty? Do you know? Is it the brand that you rock or the girls you see in the music videos? Society has confused the real meaning of beauty.
Blissful years gently sway by I’m just dancing through life average life for average girl but one blistering winter night
Round perfect edges That is what they all want Smile when you should Laugh on queue   Hair done just right Not a stray in sight Small waist Round curves All they desire  
Flawless simply a word of perfection flawless what everyone wants. be aware dont be scared  show ur inerself.let  the be what makes you makes you flawless
Some not all can see, But we all have flaws don't we? Flawless is not me.
Who am I?
Dealing Small, fractured bones Dealing Life-changing codes Dealing Broken homes Dealing Depression grows   Overcoming Healing wounds Overcoming Death assumed
Light feet beat out the rhythm lodged within the recesses of her wild mind,bringing to lifethe sweet melodiesof Mother Earth.Soft lips sing the truth of the world
Her eyes sparkled like onyx But her head was bald She walked slow but steady Wasn't sure about life but she was ready And she  Was beautiful He lost half his face in the blast
Bullies and parents put me down
Every night I will Rise into the dark lit sky like a flawless star   Flawless like rubies  Precious as the red bright sun For the world to see  
Yes honey, I woke up like this Better yet, I was born like ths My confidence is hard to miss
Behind all that editing lies a young and beautiful girl, full of beauty and imagination
I have scars I have demons I have flaws But these don't define me What I have conquered, That gave me these scars, What I have vanquished, That created those demons
Staring at the expressionless reflection on the other side of the mirror Searching for the hopes and dreams and aspirations that once became me
Who am I? The one who hides her Face behind her hair
  “Sun Kisses”
What sets me apart, What makes me differ? I am a piece of art One I see staring at me in the mirror.   I see a gem as the canvas, The artist is unknown,
It's not our fault if we feel this way,
Whispers follow as I walk past and wax poetic about my flaws as if they find them perfect.   They are called flaws for a reason.   My hair is short and frizzy, loud like
The question is what makes you flawless? You may think it’s your hair, or your eyes, your shape, and your size. But in actuality, none of that matters. Only your aspirations and your actions,
Small since before birth,
There are days where I start slow and finish fast There are days where I start fast and finish slow But regardless of how I finish, I am still standing Alive and Kicking, despite what life throws at me
Flawless sin Covered in Dark Skin
No pimple or pill popping Yet so beautiul the world's stoping Overweight and in the hood Smiling as much a could, because I can. Comfort over style Voice ringing for miles Feeling the haze of
Watching Christmas movies in July. Singing off key to the radio. Expressing my feelings all the time. Crying just to cry. Loving  my dog like she is my baby. Lauging at the wrong moment.
Most of us defined by flaw use harmful words that make us fall   But have you ever stopped to think that instead of these flaws making us sink   They make you who
I am Flawless It feels like when I don't speek up I'm jawless I step up to the plate everywher I go; I'm fearless I would never hurt a living thing; I'm harmless I am my own man; I'm ownerless
My giant freckles are flawless. Now that I think about it, so are my huge feet. Hey, what's so bad about it? It makes me unique. Yeah I may be different, but that's part of the game.
I am flawless, though not everyone knows I am flawless, doesn't it already show? the media may try to convince otherwise
I’m a content creator, Not a content replicator, But when I was younger I wanted nothing more than to fit in. But when I grew up, It turned up, That people liked me more when I was different.
I am me and me is I. Both the same person but diffrent at the same time. I is out going and loves to talk. Me is shy and likes to be alone. Both so diffrent yet both are the same.
From a young age, the objective has been beautyA beautiful body, a flawless face was what I aspired toMy course with preset to a perfect appearance As I grew, I learned my role well
If she told you she was flawless, she would be lying through her slightly crooked teeth.
The screen fades to baby blue, My heart expands to a beach ball.  I did this. Me.
My beauty is flawless  It doesn't cost more nor cost less My beauty doesn't come from the magazines of Ebony and Essence My beauty comes from how I grace others with my presence.  
Flawless wierd word twisted meaning im flawless because of my flaws  the one every one notice
Beauty is in the Eyes of Society Growing up, I was never skinny; my skin was dark and all I wanted was to be pretty. I was 10; looking at magazines, seeing all of the skinny girls
What makes me flawless? If its not the clothes i wear, or the way I wear my hair. But because i do things most girls wouldnt dare. Eyebrows on fleek but what change do you seek.
Flawless, What does it really mean? Some perceive it as perfection, Or what they see on TV screens.
I'm perfectly and wonderfully made  
Wild Nappy Untamed and uncombed "A bird's nest" "A hot mess" "Mutt hair" Is what it's been called. The curls of a biracial child Is a snowflake in the winter
I need to be flawless, For if I am not, I no longer wish to be here, If I allowed myself to become, You, Then I am no longer flawless, But I am, I am Me, Me, is a special word,
Chocolate ringlets placed delicately over her shoulder. Glittering eyes brighter than the stars. She turns to face him and he is blinded by the light she radiates.
Im not a pefect girl; Never have been, never will be. With this statement,
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